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Gaming Entertainment

Chapter 13

Carolyn Elbert

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Gaming Entertainment

Size and Scope
Rapid Growth within Gaming Entertainment
People enjoy wagering
Demand vs Supply
Increased public support
The Casino Control Act
Key Industry Players
MGM Mirage, Harrah's & Boyd Gaming
Operates Gaming & Hotel Facilities in 8 States
Boyd Gaming
Casino style gaming came into existence in the
17th century in England and Central Europe

In the early 19th century organized
casinos began to develop

In the United States, Las Vegas represents
The Heart of American Gaming
History of Gaming
Once a state has legalized ANY form of gambling
Native Americans have the right to:
Offer and Self-Regulate the same games
Native American Gaming
Framework on how games are
Conducted & Designed
To protect both the tribe and public
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
World's Leading Hotel/Gaming Company
Vast array of career opportunities:
Hotel Operations
Casino Operations
Food and Beverage
Employment in Gaming Entertainment
Poor City, Benefited from Casino Industry

1976 New Jersey voters approved casino gambling in Atlantic City
Atlantic City
Las Vegas
Partnered with Caesar's Entertainment
Chapter 13

More than Playing Games of Chance
Hotel Operations
Fine Dining
Dynamic Destination
Guest can plan an entire vacation around gaming entertainment
After Gaming the most important elements are:
High Quality Food and Beverage
Full-Service Hotel
Non-Gaming Revenue is Continuing to INCREASE in Importance
20 years ago gambling in the US was ONLY permitted in 2 States
NOW ONLY 2 States DO NOT Permit it (HAWAII & UTAH)
Evolution of the Industry
Desert Watering Hole to Gaming Mecca
1940 - 1976
Monopoly on Casino Business

Gangster/Mob Ties
Flamingo Hotel and Casino
Initiated fees and taxes specific to the casino industry
Support Regulatory Costs
Social Services
Provide Investment Funds
Currently there are over 350 Indian Gaming Facilities
Located within 28 different States
3 Objectives are:
1. Promote tribe economic development
2. Shield from organized crime
3. Self Governing gaming activity on Indian Land
Large Revenue Source for State
Creates 1,000's of jobs
Increases tourism
New capital investments
Operating in the US and Australia
Controls Over HALF of the Las Vegas Strip
Bellagio, Luxor Mirage, New York New York
Owns 50% of the Las Vegas City Center
Aria, Mandarin Oriental, The Crystals
Harrah's, Caesar's, Paris, Rio, Flamingo, Imperial Palace & Horseshoe
Largest Casino Operator in the World
40 Casino's in 3 Countries
Originally Started in Las Vegas
Currently located in 13 States Land-Based and Riverboat
New Jersey

Similar to Full-Service Hotels
F&B is generally its own area
Properties are MUCH larger than standard hotels
Department Heads have more Supervisory Staff
Hotel Operations
F&B Operations
Best food service operations in the industry are found in Casino Properties
High Quality F&B
Wide range of Styles & Concepts
Buffets to Fine Dinning
Casino Operations
Functional Areas within Casino Operations
1. Gaming Operations - Table-Game Dealers
2. Casino Services - Security & Engineering
3. Human Resources - Training, Hiring
4. Marketing - Advertising, Research
5. Finance & Administration - Legal, Payroll
Retail Operations
Non-Gaming Revenue
Store Design & Layout
Entrainment Operations
Large-Scale Shows
Similar to Broadway
Large Budgets
Professional Staff
Acts range from
Magicians & Stage Shows
Focus on revenue from Non-Gaming

Continued Scrutiny

Greater Demand for Exceptional Services
Think about the challenges Atlantic City is currently facing..
What needs to be done to "save" this city?
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