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The Host by Stephenie Meyer

No description

Laura Welke

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of The Host by Stephenie Meyer

by Laura Klessig and Laura Welke
date: May 14th of 2013 The Host 3. The main characters 3.1 Melanie Stryder
"Stephenie Meyer sucks the blood out of literature.“
- E. Boyd Vogeler "She's not very good." -Stephen King "She is nothing more than an author who has written about boring sparkling vampires.“
-Unknown identity The first trailer of the film adaption 1. The plot 2. The setting 3.2 Wanderer (Wanda) 3.3 Ian O´Shea and Jared Howe 4. About Stephenie Meyer 5. The film adaption 6. Sources Would you like to watch the film? souls take over earth and the inhabitants

some people try to hide themself

two different "people" in one body

in love with two different boys set in the near future

before inversion: in a house in the city

to hide: underground hole-system born on December 24th of 1973

American young adult author and producer

became famous with the Twilight series

26 weeks on New York Times Best Seller published on March 29th of 2013(USA, Great Britain)

budget: 40 Million $

German release-date: June 13th of 2013 (1) book cover of "The Host" (2) In front of the house of the family (3) In the desert in front of the hole (4) Melanie Stryder (5) How we think a soul looks like 3.2 Wanderer (Wanda) 3. 3 Ian O´Shea 3.3 Jared Howe (7) Jared Howe (6) Ian O´Shea Stephenie Meyer (8) portrait (9) "The Host" premiere Los Angeles (10) with the novel (11) On the premiere of "The Host" in Los Angeles 3.1 Melanie Stryder
protagonist of the story

very strong -->also after the implantation

her big love: Jared

brother called Jamie
soul --> gets implanted into Melanie

called Wanderer because of her experience(different planets)

breaks down under the emotions of Melanie --> understand her also human rebel

hate souls(exept Wanda after some time)

described as cold-hearted human without implanted soul

in love with Melanie

after implantation: hopeless

hope: Melanie is somewhere in the body http://ebv.blogspot.de/2008/05/stephenie-meyer-sucks-blood-out-of.html
-->May 4th of 2013, 17: 11

-->May 4th of 2013, 16: 33

The Host, Carlsen Verlag, German Version, ISBN: 978-3-551-31036-1

-->May 13th of 2013, 18:48

-->May 2nd of 2013, 19:13

-->May 11th of 2013, 16:51

-->May 10th of 2013, 16:34

-->May 10th of 2013, 16:03
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