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Where is The Voice coming from

No description

Devon Prontack

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Where is The Voice coming from

Where Is The Voice Coming From? By Rudy Wiebe Rudy Wiebe Rudy Wiebe, is a Canadian writer best known for his novels set in the prairies. He often writes about the Mennonite and Aboriginal community. He has written a number of novels that are based on historical events. "Where is the Voice Coming from" is possibly his interpretation on how he develops stories when analyzing historical descriptions. Summary Introduction of narrators views and predicament. Quotes from outside sources are also present. pg 270 Description of:
The People Piece of Skull A gun Characters and Setting His interpretation of the story using these pieces of information. Known information about the events Meaning/Importance of the Title Which item, description or piece of information can best represent the fragmented story. From which element is the voice coming from. The title is important because it is an aspect of the story that helps the reader understand the message.

It gives the reader information on what the narrator is thinking/trying to do. ? Structure & Style The story is set up similar to the thought process one has when trying to generate a story.

1. Information from outside source
2. Personal examination of information
3. Becoming an element or spectator of the story

This structure is odd for a short story because the direction is determined by how the narrator is thinking rather than the events. Scattered.
Extremely descriptive
Compounding Analysis Imagery Peice of bone - “Almost triangular, slightly convex-concave actually as it is positioned at the moment with its corners slightly raised- graduating from perhaps a strong eighth to a weak quarter in thickness, its scattered pore structure varying between larger and smaller on its perhaps polished, certainly shiny surface” pg. 271 Gun - " The seven pounder canon can be seen standing almost shyly between the showcase and the interior wall. Officially it is known as a gun, not a cannon and clearly its bore is not large enough to admit a large man's fist" pg. 271 Setting of the Story - "Contrary to general report and belief, the Canadian prairies are rarely, if ever, flat and the Minnechinaas are dissimilar from any other of the numberless hills that everywhere block out the almost black against the straw pale grass and sharp green against the western slopes" pg. 273 Significance of the conclusion Fills in missed details of story.
Gives Reader an image they can compare too.
Shows that the narrator cant fully produce the story.
Displays a familiar structure. Theme Fragments of contradictory information makes the
retelling of historical/past events difficult. "The problem is making the story... Presumably all the parts of the story are available. A difficulty is that they are, as always, available only in bits and pieces. Though the acts themselves seen quite clear, some written reports of the act contradict each other." Group Activity There is a man with a rain coat on heading somewhere
There is smoke in the air. Quantity is unknown.
There is a noise in the distance getting louder and louder Pg 271 - 276 End of Pg 276 - 278 "Almighty Voice's gun, bullets, and even a piece of his skull are all there to be seen, touched, and copied, but indeed: where is the voice coming from?Still, it has to be invented..."
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