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1/29 Preread and TB Notes

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of 1/29 Preread and TB Notes

Schlieffen Plan
Definition: Germany's plan to destroy France quickly then send troops to fight in Russia. It was unsuccessful.
Example: Germany's plan failed because ________ did not sit back, they fought back.
Zimmerman Telegram
Definition: a message of a proposed alliance between Germany and Mexico.
Example: In the Zimmerman Telegram Germany told Mexico that if they attack the _______ they would help them to get back their lost land.
Trench Warfare
Definition: combat in which each side occupies a system of protective trenches. Causes a stalemate and long war.
Example: After retreating in ___________ the Allies and Central Powers turned to Trench Warfare.
1/27/17 Preread
Preread Pages 381-387
Monday Warm Up P. 104
1. What would it be like in the trenches in different weather conditions?
2. What protection did the soldiers have from enemy artillery and machine guns?

1. Define the terms on the top of page 381.
2. What is happening in this pic.? P. 382
3. Why is John J. Pershing important? P. 384
4. Name 5 new/improved weapons.
5. Name 5 Allied victories and their dates.
TB Notes 381-387
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