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Wings of Fire

No description

Laura Cody

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire
The Dark Secret
Written By: TUI T. Sutherland
This book is a Science Fiction and Fantasy
Starflight, Clay, Sunny, Tsunami, Glory, Deathbringer, Morrowseer
Fatespeaker, Queen Battlewinner, Mastermind.
I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 8-12.

Funny! Fast Paced!Adventurous! Exciting! Bold!
It's such a good book it's the best book I've ever read in my entire life I'm only 12 and I think this is awesome -From Logan Newkirk
I love that you get to find out more about the nightwings,where they live, and what they do !!! :)
-Doritos Samuri
This book is great. I would definitely recommend it to some younger readers and even adults (after you've read the rest of the series) as it seems, Sutherland's books seem to be getting better every time. Again, great book- I'm recommending it.
-Jeffery A Mitchel
Like all the dragonets of destiny, Starflight has always wanted to see his home but he's also been afraid of the other Nightwings. Starflight doesn't have mindreading powers like his tribe, and he doesn't understand why they're so secretive. But now, Starflight is the dragonets' only hope and also the Rainwing dragons they've captured.
By: Alex V.
The Dragonets
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