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Emma Ga

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Swimming


Tips on swimming efficiently
Look down to the bottom of the pool.
Try keep your body as horizontal as possible.
Extend your arms and don't do short strokes even when you're tired.
Kick strong and fast rather than weak and super speed.
The water level should be in the middle of your head not your hair line.

This is where your hand should be entering the water in freestyle.
Rotate your hips.
Fun fact
Another name for backstroke is back crawl.
Don't let your hips drop too low and try to keep your body close to the surface of the water.
Rotate your shoulders and hips.
the first part of your hand to exit the water should be your thumb and the first part of your hand to enter the water should be your little finger.
Avoid holding your breath as much as possible a breath is typically taken every time an arm circle is completed.
One piece
Why swimming is good for you
Swimmers have one of the lowest death rates.
Swimming improves mental health.
Swimming helps you loose weight.
Swimming increases flexibility.
Swimming strengthens your core muscles.
Swimming regularly builds stamina.
What is another name for backstroke?
Where should you look in freestyle?
Where should you look in backstroke?
What item of swimwear was blue?
Swimming helps strengthen what muscle?
What type of swimwear did I design?
A. Bikini B. Shorts C. One piece D. Speedos
Quiz answers
Back crawl.
Down to the bottom of the pool.
Up to the ceiling.
Core muscle.

Look down.
Keep a flat back.
Keep your head still unless lifting it to breath.
As your arms pull down lift your head up to breath.
In your dolphin kick start from your hips and push down till your legs are at full extension.
Flick your ankles at the end of your kick.
Cup your hands and catch the water as you pull your arms down to the bottom of the pool and then over your head.
In your stroke aim to keep your hand inside your body line.
Here is a logo I made for the togs Idesigned
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