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Littering at School

No description

Mark Lorenzo

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Littering at School

Littering in campus is a bad idea. There is a lot of trash on school grounds and it causes more stress to the janitors/custodians who tirelessly try to clean it. There are also injuries caused by litter on the floor.
Causes of Littering
-No trashcans nearby
Effect of Littering
Nothing good results from littering. Two examples are listed on the next tab.
-Littering just makes more waste on the ground and makes your school campus look filthy.
Evidence of Littering
-There are chip bags and candy wrappers on the school campus from lazy litterers.
This video shows a kid throwing away litter into the trash can.
Littering at School
The problem
By: Mark Lorenzo and Ivan Ho
-Lazy people who leave their trash behind instead of throwing it away
-Bad habits from their upbringing
-There are pieces of worksheets or handouts on the ground.
-There are even pieces of gum on the ground or under tables.
-Littering causes the janitors/custodians to work harder.
Teachers should teach their kids about why they shouldn't litter. Schools should ban gum so kids won't throw gum on the ground. There should also be more trash cans so people don't have to walk across the schoolyard to throw trash away.
Examples of Litter
-chip bags
-candy wrappers
-snack wrappers and crumbs
-dried gum
-ripped-up paper
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Litter At All, Even When You're Not At School
-against the law (get fined $250)
-makes ground look filthy
-make other people work harder
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