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Module 1: Lesson 9: Aligning "The Hero's Journey" and "The L

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Kristin Bierman

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Module 1: Lesson 9: Aligning "The Hero's Journey" and "The L

Module 1: Lesson 9: Aligning "The Hero's Journey" and "The Lightning Thief"
When you think about "The Lightning Thief" and "The Hero's Journey", how do you think these two texts are related?
Table Group Activity
On your worksheet, there are selected quotes from "The Lightning Thief". Your group needs to select a quote from "The Hero's Journey" that aligns with each selected quote from Percy. After you find a quote that aligns, determine the relationship between the two quotes.

Let's do the first one together!
Triad/Quad Activity: Aligning Percy's Experiences to "The Hero's Journey"
In your triad/quad, think about the quotes from each text you just analyzed. Do Percy's experiences align in any way to that of a hero in "The Hero's Journey"? In the margins of your worksheet, see if you can take the quote from Percy Jackson and align it to a stage in "The Hero's Journey".
How do Percy's experiences align with the hero's journey?
Learning Targets
I can explain the relationship between a quote from "The Lightning Thief" and a quote from "The Hero's Journey".
I can write a paragraph to describe how excerpts from one text align to another text.
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