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Element Superhero Project

By Kennedy Jones and Emma Michell Gr.9 Science

Emma Mitchell

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Element Superhero Project

What to look for...
What he is capable of...
Selenium-Sinner's not-so-secret hideout and where he came from
Physical Description:
Secret Lair Discovered!
Monday, October 20, 2014
Kennedy Jones & Emma Mitchell

2014 Advameg

John Emsley Nature's Building Block

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry 3.March.2011

2014 Chemicool.com

AFD Studios,LLC and Jeff Hebert

Selenium-Sinner, is a slender 6’2 tall man with snow pale skin and short,
blue,flame like hair (reaction with oxygen)
with skin burnt red and patches of grey. He is part of the
chalcogen family and is a nonmetal
. This villain can usually be found as
a solid (at room temperature)
, unless mixed with others. His eyes are lined with ragged scratches giving him a more ghostly feature. You may recognize him through his eerie voice and
red and black
skin tight uniform lined with dingy shredded patches, making him look as if he belonged in the mines. He is usually one hidden in the shadows and makes no sound at all, making it hard to feel his presence. No one seems to know how he lures his victims, which adds to the horror.
Selenium-Sinner possesses a
corrosive and highly toxic fume when mixed with fluorine (Vi), which burns to create the Hexaflouride inorganic compound. The Selenium Hexafluoride,is a colourless gas, and creates a repulsive odor. When the two are heated together at a high temperature they decompose to produce a toxic fume, which when humans are exposed to,can cause inflammation and irritation of the skin and respiratory tract.
can then be melted at 217°C and liquified
. When liquified it spreads it’s toxic gas and causes burns, severe injuries,frostbite and pulmonary edema after inhalation. Selenium-Sinner shoots his erosive fumes out of his hands and traps his victims in his fumes to then be inhaled. His powers cannot be contained and are quite harmful!

Inside story on Selenium-Sinner's Powers
Victim still missing!!!
A young man who goes by the name of Oliver Revilio was a victim to one of super villain, Selenium-Sinner's latest "attacks", police officer said Sunday. Police were called to a small sheet metal shop on Sunday after a report of an awful smell coming from the building and the lack of movement inside. Security footage shows that Oliver was busy at work like every other day when a figure darted past him in the shadows of the building. Following this you can see Oliver cover his nose like he is smelling something dreadful and then he appears, Selenium-Sinner.
"The man in the footage was about average male height, the weird part was that he was covered in some sort of red powder, other than that he didn't seem too odd at first glance," local police said, adding the details of how the villain continued to torture the poor man.
"It seems as if the room almost started boiling which then turned Selenium Sinner into a gas,making it harder for Oliver to escape him. Just as quickly as the temperature rose the temperature in the room seems to cool, turning the villain into a liquid where he splashes on Oliver."
As of today, Oliver is still missing along with a few other victims, but Selenium sinner is definitely around.

Jöns Jacob Berzelius
Selenium Sinner, at it again
Selenium-Sinner's 'secret' lair was exposed to the public when a small group of coal miners stumbled upon the small hideout. The hideout is located in a coal mine near a small town in Sweden, not far from the factory where Swedish chemist, Jöns Jacob Berzelius discovered Selenium-Sinner in 1817 after studying sulfuric acid. The name "Selenium" originates from the Greek word for moon,
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