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Youth Outreach Communication Strategy

No description

Pema Gyatso

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Youth Outreach Communication Strategy

Youth Outreach Communication Strategy
Department of Information and
International Relations
Data Bench Mark
CTA Press and Media Facebook Page
Mapping Current Outlets
Tibet.net in English, Tibetan, and Chinese
Tibetan Bulletin in English [print]
Sheja in Tibetan [print]
Tibetan Freedom in Tibetan [print]
Tibet TV in Tibetan
Comprehensive Social Media Outreach Plan
Create intern/volunteer post for the "Youth Outreach Intitiative" through Tibet Corps

Setting Goals:
Statistical goals and communicating particular messages.
Set goals weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

Internal outreach
: DIIR office staff. Introduce them to social media handles, then greater CTA staff.

Planning Content
: CTA policies and programs, facts and figures to share with youth, newsletters, photos, videos, "swag", "Today in Tibetan History" posts, CTA Youth volunteers, sharing Tibetan activist's blogs that are in line with the CTA's views, opinion polls, public generated content in support of middle way (music, articles, visual art, etc.)

: DIIR documentation center, tibet.net, departments [websites, newsletters, publications etc.], DIIR publication back issues, Tibet Online TV archive, open sources content, OOT websites.
Operational Strategy
Acquire social media engagement, monitoring and analysis tool (example: Hoot Suite)
Find most appropriate time to schedule posts [aiming for the maximum number of reach]
Identify and connect with influencers on social media networks who can relay messages
Post relevant content concurrent with recent affairs
Identify other social media platforms to communicate through ex: Instagram, Tumblr, Wordpress, Google plus, reddit
Get regular updates on social media tools
Incoming Source Mapping
Social Media Outreach
Current Social Media Handles used by CTA:
Sikyong Lobsang Sangay [Facebook page]
Sikyong Facebook profile
DIIR Kalon Facebook profile
@Drlobsangsangay [twitter] *note no posts since December 20, 2013
Central Tibetan Administration Press and Media [Facebook page]
Tibet Office USA [Facebook page]
Tibet Corps [Facebook page]
Tibet.net updates on Twitter [automated updates]

28,801interactions last month, this includes share's, likes, mentions, posts, and comments.
Twitter Reach for #Tibet last month (Dec 2013-Jan 2014)
Twitter reach by handle @pressofficercta last month

Measuring Progress
Statistical data from google analytic and Hoot Suite analysis. (example: visitors to tibet.net)
Public engagement on social networks (likes, shares, comments, re-tweets, hashtags etc.)
Presented by: Tsering Wangchuk and Pema
What do we do
- Responsible for
all communication
from or concerning the Central Tibetan Administration (

- Accountable for maintaining and creating
international relations

- Maintain ties with governments, civil societies, media as well as
Tibetan diaspora
- Spread
about CTA and its initiatives

youth in a dialogue about restoration of freedom in Tibet

Tibetan youth to actively contribute in the development of CTA as a leadership role
About DIIR
About being Social
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