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Synergy Research

No description

Alycia Saxon

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Synergy Research

Daft Punk
Album Cover
Name: Random Access Memories

Key features highlighted:
- monochrome colours (e.g silver, gold, black)
- album title is hand written
- names of the songs are also handwritten

Album Teaser Trailer
Random Access memories

Key Features Highlighted:

- futuristic setting
- emphasis on the album itself (in the 'confidential' file)
- contains the 2 artists (part of the teaser narrative)
Synergy Research
Mystery Jets
Music Video Single
Someone Purer - US Version

Key features highlighted:

- desert setting
- emphasis on artists
- natural colours
- superimposition of the sky over the artists
- strong presence of nature
Album Cover
Name: Radlands

Key features highlighted:
- album name handwritten in red
- earthy colours, faded
- includes all members of the band
- casual clothing, country style
Music Video Single
Get Lucky - MTV Version

Key Features Highlighted:

- futuristic setting (outer space)
- monochrome colour scheme (silver, gold and black
- includes artists in the helmets shown on album cover
- animation included to place further emphasis on the futuristic aspects by including alien figures in the narrative
Music Video Single
Get Lucky - Original Version

Key Features Highlighted:

- singer and artist traveling (driving in a car)
- desert setting for the majority of the video
- little focus on the artists
-one shot (band playing against the sun in the background) present in both versions of the video

What can be seen across all 4?
- both artists have the helmets shown in the album cover on

- every media product contains some form of futuristic element

- evidence of monochromatic colour scheme in every media product

- all use the same font (handwritten)
What can be seen across all?
- rustic, musky tones
- 70s/80s style
- emphasis on nature
Album Cover
Name: Settle

Key Features Highlighted:

- drawing over the subject's faces (when they were young)
- bold title font using black and white
Music Video Single
Name: F For You

Key Features Highlighted:

- heavy emphasis on artist
- no narrative
-drawing over their faces similar to the album cover
- dark colour grading
What can be seen across all?
- drawing across the artist's faces
- total focus on the artists

Wretch 32
Album Cover
Name: Black and White

Key Features Highlighted:

- black and white scheme
- photo of the artist
Magazine Advert
Key Features Highlighted :

- repetition of the black and white scheme
- photo of the artist
-advertisement (who features in the album)
- release date
-where to purchase
Music Video Single
Name: Black and White (Album Promo Release Video)

Key Features Highlighted:
- artist is almost always in view of the camera
-plain backgrounds
- quick changes between the different shots
Music Video Single
Name: Don't Go

Key Features Highlighted:

- limited narrative, most focus on artist
- artist shown almost totally in close ups
- drawings on the walls, including lyrics
- lack of bright colours in the video
What can be seen across all 4?
Key Features Highlighted:

- dark colours used (lack of bright colours) black and white theme
- almost total focus on the artist
- multiple close up shots (close to the camera)
Album Cover
Name: Electronic Earth

Key Features Highlighted:

- extreme close up of the artist
-futuristic/city theme
- maze like font (labyrinth)
Music Video Single
Name: Let The Sun Shine

Key Features Highlighted:

- dark colour scheme
- total focus on the artist (majority are close ups)
-no distinctive narrative
-neon lights (city themes)

Ed Sheeran
Album Cover Name
Name: Ed Sheeran

Key Features Highlighted:

- extreme close up of the artist's face
- typewriter font
- orange surrounds his face, almost blended into the background
Music Video Single
Name: Drunk

Key Features Highlighted:

- dark colour grading
- visible narrative
- no artist performance
- different location throughout the video
What can be seen across all 4?
- dark colour grading across all products
- futuristic/city theme
- lack of bright colours (with exception to the neon lights related to the city references)
What can be seen across all 4?
- quirky choices (orange album cover, dark colour grading for video)
- focus on artist but no artist performance
Emeli Sandé
Album Cover
Name: Our Version of Events

Key Features Highlighted:

- dark colours (black, white and grey)
-photo of the artist looking away from the camera
-black clothing
Music Video Single
Name: Next to Me

Key Features Highlighted:

- musky colours: grey, brown, black, yellow lighting
- emphasis on artist, minimal focus on other instrumentalists
- black dress on the artist
Music Video Single
Name: Clown

Key Features Highlighted:

- entire video in black and white
- aritst performance
- narrative present
- surrounded by men
What can be seen across all 3?
- prominent dark colour scheme: avid use of black, grey, white and warm yellows (lighting), even with costumes
- focus on the artist

Rita Ora
Album Cover
Name: Ora

Key Features Highlighted:

- extreme close up of artist
- red writing
- black and white photo, makes the red writing bolder

Music Video Single
Name: RIP

Key Features Highlighted:

- dark/light colour grading (light colours used in extreme close ups), contrasting shots
- no narrative, focus on the artist
What can be seen across all?
- extreme close ups of the artist
- use of dark/light contrasting shades + colour grading
Ellie Goulding
Album Cover

Music Video Single
What can be seen across all?
Name: Halcyon Days

Key Features Highlighted:

- close up shot of the artist
- dark blue to pink fading over the photo
- light blue writing over a dark background makes it stand out
Name: Anything Could Happen

Key Features Highlighted:

- musky, natural colours
- performance by artist (as a character in the narrative)
- different settings with different costumes
- narrative present, futuristic style
Magazine Advert
Halcyon Days

Key Features Highlighted:

- same photo used in the album cover
- black and white
- similar use of light coloured writing on a dark background to make it stand out
-advertising a tour
- use of dark colours
- all include close ups of the artist, maintains foucs
- contains light coloured areas to contrast the dark
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