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Kiva Zip Overview

No description

Justin Renny

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Kiva Zip Overview

Kiva Zip is a website that enables financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs to access 0% interest loans through crowdfunding.

Kiva was founded in 2005 and made its first loan in Uganda. We aim to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty and inspire economic opportunity around the world.
Helena, AR in the Mississippi Delta has a GDP per capita of $12k.

Ras took out a $5k loan to start his own car servicing business. He purchased tools and space to get the shop started.

Transportation Technologies & Solutions
Helena, AR

He was funded by 83 lenders around the world. In addition to lending, they gave words of encouragement and support.
Shelterbelt Farm
Brooktondale, NY
Farmers often struggle to access capital on the right terms.

Erica borrowed $5,000 to help her buy more livestock. She qualified for a six month grace period.

Victor saw that Kiva Zip could be a valuable resource for others in his community and signed up as an individual Trustee.
He endorsed Orlinda, Rixi, Rocio, and Ernesto for Kiva Zip loans of $5,000 each
San Francisco, CA
Latinos are six times more likely to start a business than the average person.

Victor borrowed $5,000 to retrofit his first coffee shop.

His first coffee shop became a huge success. Upon repayment of his first loan, he successfully raised$10,000 to start a second coffee shop.
$35,000 in loan capital has been infused into his community through Kiva Zip
Young G's BBQ Sauce
Waterloo, IA
Veterans often find it hard to build credit when they have been overseas, fighting for our country.

Gerald used a $2,000 loan for the infrastructure in his BBQ business. He was funded in one day.

Gerald's Trustee was the Institute for Veterans and Military Families. They help veterans start businesses.
They have endorsed four entrepreneurs in their program and have a 100% repayment rate.
Tackling Financial Exclusion
25 million micro-enterprises in the United States

18 thousand microfinance loans made last year
Social Entrepreneurs
As social entrepreneurs ourselves, we at Kiva are passionate about supporting others – both internationally, and here in the U.S.

We take a relatively broad view of social entrepreneurship and empower our lenders to support borrowers of their choosing.

Every day 3,000 entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs are turned down by banks for small business loans. Why?

No or damaged credit history
Insufficient collateral
Not enough years in business
It is the responsibility of trustees to:

Find eligible borrowers for a Kiva Zip loan
Publicly endorse them on the Kiva Zip website
Provide ongoing support throughout the loan term

Trustees have no money at risk if a borrower they endorse does not repay, but their reputation is tied to borrowers’ performance.

Kiva Zip is able to support financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs through a network of Trustees.
Seed Spot is a startup incubator that works exclusively with socially-focused entrepreneurs

They've supported 10 borrowers for the Kiva Zip program and funneled over $40,000 to their entrepreneurs. They have a 100% repayment rate.

Seed Spot
Phoenix, AZ

One of their entrepreneurs, Robert, has an organization that supports autism. He partners with autistic schools and promotes the drawings from their kids on t-shirts. 50% of the proceeds from every shirt is donated back to the school.
He used his $5,000 loan to hire autistic adults, so they could package and ship the shirts he was selling on his website.
Erica's Trustee was the Greenhorns. A national network of small-scale farmers. These farmers are severely capital constrained and need a resource like Kiva Zip to help them grow and expand.
Kiva Zip has supported over 20 small farms across the country.
Welcome to



Support a U.S. entrepreneur with financial and social capital.

Access a 0% interest Kiva Zip loan to invest in your business.

Become a trustee and enable an entrepreneur to access a Zip loan.

Michelle resides in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta; a roadless 42 million acre wilderness in Western Alaska. Virtually untouched by the Industrial Age, her economy and quality of life matches the pace of a developing nation that is resource rich but infrastructure poor.

She produces natural skin care products and used a Kiva Zip loan for distribution of her soaps.

Bethel, AK

She was funded by 108 lenders around the world.

These are 108 potenial customers, brand ambassadors, and supporters of her business.

They have endorsed over 350 entrepreneurs
Two Goals
But where banks are saying no, with Kiva Zip, ordinary people are saying YES in large numbers.

Kiva Zip loans are not based on conventional financial metrics, but rather:

The character of the borrower
Trust based relationships
Transparency, commitment, passion
We've partnered with over 200 Trustees in the US
There are approximately 400 micro-lenders in the U.S. but there are millions of community-based organizations with deep ties in their communities.

Through Kiva Zip, these groups do not have to create their own loan programs. Instead, they can become Trustees and bring borrowers onto Zip.
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