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Women Fighting for Independence

No description

Amy Goodrich

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Women Fighting for Independence

Women Fighting for Independence Juliet Scenes That Show Her Strength Rose Juliet and Rose Similarities Scenes That Show Her Strength The balcony scene is where we first see Juliet start to stand on her own.
The scene at Friar Lawrence's cell where Romeo and Juliet are married.
When she tells her father she will not marry Paris
The scene where she decides to take the poison, that will make her appear dead.
When she actually stabs herself with the dagger. The scene where Rose stands up to her fiance and makes him invite Jack to dinner with them.
When she spends time with Jack even though her mother forbids it.
Rose goes to save Jack after they think he stole the diamond necklace.
The scene where Rose jumps off the life raft to stay with Jack. In both are going against social norms.

Juliet and Rose are both looking for independence from parents

They are both victims of love but, also use their male counter parts to find independence.
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