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Printing out Pictures

No description

Elinda Fani

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Printing out Pictures

My Teen Succeed Project
Helping out Customers
In this picture Aristotel is telling the name of the dip for the customer because she couldn't see with out her glasses.
Printing out Pictures
In this picture Ari is loging onto the computer so he can print out pictures for his customers.
Help to reach the bread
Checking out Items
In this picture Ari is going to check out a customer.
Here, Aristotel is helping a customer reach the bread.
Stacking Items
In this picture Ari is putting away items.
Walking to the back
In this picture Ari is walking to the back of the store to put away the left over items.
Picking up the Trash
In this picture Ari is getting rid of the trash.
For my Teen Succeed project I photographed my brother Aristotel. He has a part time job and works at Walgreens. Ari benefits the community. I say that because he helps out customers, cleans the aisles, prints and takes pictures, puts things where they're supposed to be, and lastly gets money for the family. Aristotel helps elderly, for exmaple if they can't reach something on the shelf he gets it for them. Ari checks out items and is known to be very patience and cares for the customers. He also greets people when they come in the store and when they leave. Aristotel has been working at Walgreens for three years and has received good reviews over the past years, and those are the reasons Aristotel does good for the community.
Final Project

By: Elinda Fani
In this picture Ari is helping his manager put items away as he was told.
Taking items to the Front
In this picture Ari had to go to the back and get these items so he can place them where they're supposed to be.
Working with co-workers
In this picture Ari is working with his co worker while they're in process of printing out a customers picture.
In conclusion I did my project on my brother Aristotel. I learned ways that my brother work at Walgreens and that he takes his job really seriously. I also learned that teens are seen to be trouble markers and are a bad part of the community but that's not it. Teens now a days work and have jobs to support their families. So, for example Aristotel works with elderly, cleans the aisles, takes out the trash, organizes things, etc. So for this project I was supposed to take pictures of a teen in our community and show how they do good things in our society now a days.
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