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Simple Machines used in a Bicycle

simple enough.... the simple machines that are used in a bicycle!

Kajal Patel

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Simple Machines used in a Bicycle

Stephanie Ochoa and Kajal Patel Simple Machines used in a bicycle wheel and axle, lever, and pulley-
the pedals
Screw- the screws in the bike
inclined plane- wheels of the bike
(and the frame of the bike) allows it
to move up or down an inclined plane lever, the pulley, and wheel and axle in a bicycle The pedals and the chains/gears and the wheels act as the lever, pulley, and the wheel & axle.
The pedals are used as the lever, they are attached to the gears and help the chain move. The chain acts as the pulley and is attached to the axle of the wheel, causing the wheel to move. How a bicycle can move up an incline plane It's simple. The wheels of the bike (with the help of the pedals and chain connected to the wheel) and the frame of the bike help the bicycle itself move up or down an inclined plane, for example, a ramp or hill. screws used in a bicycle The screw assembles the bike parts. In other words, it holds the bike together. The screw is basically an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. The gaps in the screw (plus the rigid edges) hold the bike's parts together. how the bicycle makes the work easier Instead of walking somewhere, you can pedal your way up to your destination, plus it makes the journey easier. How work can be done without the use of the bicycle If you didn’t have a bicycle, you would have to walk to where you need to go. Just imagine, before cars were invented, you would have to ride a bike to get to where you need to be. If you decided to walk, then the journey would be longer and more tiring. Riding the bike makes traveling simpler and quick.
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