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Reciclar, reusar, reutilizar

HumanCentric's Submission to the contest

Diana Rojas

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Reciclar, reusar, reutilizar

Nuestras Soluciones n = 130 in less than 1 week Expert
Interviews Online survey
of 130 users Social Media & Netmining People are not having general problems with recycling
People are confused about what they can vs. cannot recycle
Small square bins can be problematic due to weight, size
Large wheeled carts are welcomed by people who use them
Twice-monthly collection is too infrequent for a few households Research overview: What we learned No universal recycling system – each city determines their own rules, schedules
Recycling information is unclear
User frustrations – bin size, weight, location
Recycling companies make $ based on amount of recycling collected Survey Conclusions Brainstorm new systems Sketch Concepts Prioritize Concepts No budget........ short timeline...........User-centered design on a dime! En el trabajo En el hogar Recordemos donde depositar Most people store recyclables in the kitchen or the garage. No major problems with bins other than the overall size. People are confused about what to recycle. El reciclaje se inscribe en la estrategia de tratamiento de residuos de las Tres R.
Reducir, acciones para disminuir la producción de objetos susceptibles de convertirse en residuos.
Reutilizar, acciones que permiten el volver a usar un producto para darle una segunda vida, con el mismo uso u otro diferente.
Reciclar, el conjunto de operaciones de recogida y tratamiento de residuos que permiten reintroducirlos en un ciclo de vida. Reciclar El reciclaje es un proceso fisicoquímico o mecánico que consiste en someter a una materia o un producto ya utilizado a un ciclo de tratamiento total o parcial para obtener una materia prima o un nuevo producto. TIPS PARA RECICLAR Revisemos nuestros hábitos de reciclaje Nuestro Enfoque Ideas
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