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Copy of AIESEC Values


Ben Chiong

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of AIESEC Values

TT Exchange Program Benchiong 2010 Who am I??? What is TT?? Ben Chiong(常永亮)

A Junior Student of HUST
Is that all??? TT Team Leader of OGX What dose TT require? Make iT Ture
提供 TT Supply
Junior and above
Major requirement
Related working experiences
Excellent English, better with other languages



我相信一年我可以学 到
TT=Technical Traineeship 昶
Provide internship opportunities in hardware / software development, programming, animation, web development and design, machinery manufacturing and other fields . the main region for intership are India, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Central and Eastern Europe and South America. the TT internship provides Science and Engineering students an international platform to enhance them technology practice in specialized fields,and also a rich cultural experiences. Technical Traineeship is paid internship , interns allowance is sufficient to cover expenditure in local food and accommodation . From theory to Acion
Global Network

Touch the leading technology in the world!
Why are you still hesitating? Cheers up!!!
Make iT Ture
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