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Untitled Prezi

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Hannah Dinwoodie

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

RUBY"S VALENTINE Ruby had a box of paints given to her for Christmas. She learned to paint pictures with them very prettily! While painting one day, Ruby decided she would create all of her Valentines herself this year. Ruby excitedly ran to her Mommy with her new idea. "Mommy I can paint! So this year I would love to make all my own Valentine cards. "Why I think that would be great Ruby" Mommy replied. "I think it would be a lot more fun then just buying them Mommy!" "So do I!"
replies "Go look through the bottom drawer Ruby and you will find papers to use and all kinds of pictures to cut and paste." Mom says "But Mom don't Valentine cards have verses written inside them? Where can I find that?" "I could write those for you Ruby, if I try really hard!" Mom laughs. "I will make one for you, Daddy, Brock,
Aria and two other folks!
We are sure going to have
lovely Valentine cards this year!" "We better begin right away. I will start on the poems and you had better get started on cutting and pasting if you have such a list to finish" Mommy states. It was fun to find all those pictures, for there were so many to chose from, and by supper time Ruby had a nice pile all ready for her to paint the next morning. Two days before Valentines day they were all done. Prettily colored and pasted on note paper with verses that mother had
written, printed in Ruby's very
best writing. "Aren't they Bbb-eau--ti-full?" Ruby asks Mom as she lines them up on the dinning room table. "They sure are Ruby! Which do you think are the
prettiest ones?" Ruby looked for a long
time at the row of little
Valentine cards, then said,
" These Two!!". One had a little curly hair girl on the front and she was holding a bundle of flowers. The verse on the front of that card read:
"This bunch of roses I'm bringing,
Is a Valentine for you,
To show that in a storm or sunshine,
My love is always true <3"
The second Valentine
had a picture of a little boy and
girl carrying a big basket between them, and this was the little verse:
"What do you s'pose our basket holds?
Give guess one and two.
You will never think, so I must tell:
Its full of love for you!"
"And who do you wish
to give the two prettiest ones to?" asked Mommy. An earnest look came into Ruby's eyes. "I think I'll send my little girl friend Aria one and she can share it with her little brother Brock! Don't you s'pose they would like it?" Ruby questioned Mom. Mother nodded, "And who is to have the other one?"

A little hand stole into mothers and two big brown eyes full of love were lifted into mothers
face. "That one is for YOU!" Created By: Hannah Dinwoodie THE END
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