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Final Copy of Northern Arizona University - Living On Campus

Orientation Presentation

Gretchen Wesbrock

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Final Copy of Northern Arizona University - Living On Campus

At Orientation Manage My Campus Housing This Summer Manage My Campus Housing I Have Applied...
I Have Not Applied... Moving In Welcome Week My Freshman Year Living On Campus
The Difference That Matters... Hall Assignments If You Have Applied...
If You Haven't Applied... Hall Assignment To Bring or Not to Bring To Do or Not to Do...
Standards of Residence &
Code of Conduct Roommate Mailer Opening Day
Thursday, August 25th Welcome Jacks JacksCard Hall Resources Hall Amenities & Services Excercise Room Laundry Facilities Get Involved... Greek Life
Hall Associations
Clubs & Organizations Over 100 Activities.. Freshman Connections

First Six Weeks Employment The Edge Leadership Experience
Apply Now! Roommate Agreements Game Rooms Resource Centers and Study Spaces Your Room...Your Home Freshman Connections
Movin' In Roommate Requests Hall Opening - Thurs. August 25

Fall Closing - Fri. December 16 at 10am

Spring Opening - Sat. January 14 at 9am

Spring Closing - Fri. May 11 at 10am TRUE BLUE...
It's Easy Being Green Campus Dining...
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