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Mr M E Evans

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of #psyaggression

aggression the social psychology of aggression institutional aggression the biology of aggression aggression as an adaptive response Social learning theory proposes that learning can occur when one individual (the learner) observes and imitates another, the model. deindividuation Pennington Three categories of variable that affect imitation:
characteristics of the model
characteristics of the observer
the consequences of the behaviour for the model (their sex, age and status for example a gang leader) (if self esteem is low they are more likely to imitate, if their behaviour is reinforced) reinforcement social learning theory Bandura According to Bandura (1977), modelling will occur when the observer pays attention, is able to remember and reproduce what they have observed and when they are motivated to do so. This motivation may be an external reward or some inner drive. Internal motivation may be generated by the model, and this can explain why there are differences in the effectiveness of the model.

Unlike classical and operant conditioning, where we can see the process of learning directly as the individual performs the behaviour, this is not always the case in social learning. When a model is observed and a new behavioural potential gained, it is not necessarily demonstrated. A young child may listen to his parents swearing byt may not utter the newly aquired words until he has an audience. media violence (1986)
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