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My essay

The pox panic

Lindsay A. Barth Barth

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of My essay

Come as I take you though the summarization of the book The Chicken Pox Panic. In this book there are exciting and joyful ups and downs. Hope you enjoy the book review of The Chicken Pox Panic. In the book The Chicken Pox Panic Abby Hunter the main character tries a birthday party and a wonderful birthday cake her brother Shawn will never forget. As the party comes closer Abby’s best friend, Stacy Henry, has a family mystery and emergency to solve. Abby lost all her money playing detective, and trying to solve Stacy’s family mystery, maybe planning a birthday party and a cool cake is very hard after all. Directions for the cake Can Abby keep the birthday party and the cake a surprise? Can she save her secret or will she loose it? Will Abby’s noisy sister Carly get in the way of the birthday surprise and will her sister uncover her special birthday secret before it is presented? What is the cake going to look like? You can find all those answer if you buy and read the book The Chicken Pox Panic. I liked this book because it was easy to understand and read. I recommend this book for ages 7-12, I am 12 I liked it very much. If you like surprises, adventurous story, and realistic picture to modern day you will like this book. I loved the book, and I think you will to if you like the things and summarization I said about the book The Chicken Pox Panic.
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