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Brave New World Plot Diagram

No description

Alondra Barajas

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Brave New World Plot Diagram

Brave New World Plot Diagram
Melanie, Marcos, Alondra, Faith
After the big argument that Helmholtz and Bernard had they went to go find John. They found John in the bathroom throwing up. When Helmholtz told John that he looked sick. He was trying to express the feeling of guilt that he has about Linda's death and also the sexual things he did with Lenina. When a reporter and its camera crew went up to Johns privacy, and Lenina came up to him he attacked her with a whip. Then a riot stared and every body started to get excited that it became from a riot to a sexual orgy. Then John wakes up the next from the soma, and then he started to remember all the things that happened and he could not believe that happened. He could not control and how to deal with what he was feeling so he killed himself.
Thank you!
• It is a time in the future when many things have changed. A world where having commitments and having human birth parents a horrible and scary thing to even think about.
• The society is divided into different social groups since birth. Director Thomas is head of London's Human Factory. Bernard Marx is an outcast is this unfortunate society, everyone thinks hes weird because he doesn't agree with the societies rules. Lenina is involved in many relations with many people.
Johns mom got really sick and was in the hospital because she was all missed up on using the soma. When Linda started to wake up, was calling out John Pope even when he was angrily trying to make her remember him. After a while she dies, and John starts to cry and pushed over a little kid that was eating a thing called eclair and was observing how he was brainwashed.
When John was leaving the hospital, he runs in with all the Delta workers waiting to get there daily soma. Then John remembers that Linda died because of soma. So then he thought that he should free everyone with destroying the soma. When he finished destroying the soma he went to the reservation camp because on what he did.
John isolates himself in the lighthouse, and performs rituals on himself as self-punishment and starts whipping himself, fasting, and vomiting to take away the strong sexual feelings that he has for Lenina and the guilt he feels towards Linda's death.
John has felt like an outsider his whole life. While he lived in his hometown, he was shunned by the rest of society due to his mother Linda's sinful reputation,When he finally leaves his hometown and enters brave new world, he feels a bigger outcast as he wishes not to partake in any sexual acts and no one in the new society cares for feelings like he does.

Director Thomas threatens Bernard to follow the rules of the society or else he Bernard would be sent to Iceland. The director then tells Bernard about how he took his girlfriend to the reservation camp and lost her at the camp. Bernard goes to the reservation camp and takes Lenina with him. At the reservation camp, they meet Linda and John. He finds out that Linda is the girl that the director lost.
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