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Slaves in Ancient Rome

What was the life of an Ancient Roman slave like? Watch this Prezi and find out.

Boyoung Zhao

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Slaves in Ancient Rome

Roles of Slaves Slaves' Origins Free Slaves Gladiators Compare & Contrast Major Slave Revolts Slaves in Ancient Rome A slave could buy their freedom by paying their master approximately the same amount of money they was paid for them
Sometimes, a slave could be freed by their master through the process of manumission, to reward them for their long service.
Once freed, a slave would receive a pilleus, a felt cap symbolizing their freedom. Along with receiving a hat, a freed slave would be recognized as a lībertus. The first gladiators were slaves who fought to the death at the funeral of Junius Brutus Pera in 264 BC.
Most gladiators were slaves, but some of them were prisoners, criminals, of even volunteers
Gladiators had pretty much no social status but still were well known and respected
Gladiators were guarded while training and given high protein diets
Gladiators didn't always use real weapons during training and some gladiators were trained differently than others Boyoung Zhao & Chris Niu Where did they
come from? What was the role of a slave in Ancient Rome? Were they successful?
What was the result? Could a slave ever be freed? How? How were gladiators enslaved and treated?
What was their life like? During war, prisoners could be sold into slavery.
Families often sold their children in order to preserve the family.
In some instances, people sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts.
People convicted of a criminal charge could be made a slave as a form of punishment.
Children could be born into slavery. Many slaves worked on public buildings that would benefit the city. They built roads, aqueducts, and arenas.

A slave's job is assigned by his/her master and is usually based off of their skills. There were three important slave rebellions that occurred in Ancient Rome.
The first slave revolt, starting in 135 BC was lead by Eunus in Sicily. The rebellion took three years to put down.
The second slave revolt began in 104 BC and also took place in Sicily. It was lead by Salvius and Athenion and ended unsuccessfully in 100 BC.
The final slave revolt took place in mainland Italy from 73 BC to 71 BC, and was lead unsuccessfully by Spartacus. Bibliography BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2013.
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"Servile Wars." Heritage History. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2012. Modern Roman Both Slavery is illegal in the USA
Slaves mostly work in sweatshops manufacturing items
A small percentage of the population are slaves
Mostly continuous labor without breaks
Usually will never be freed voluntarily by "masters" Slavery was a major part of Roman civilization
Slaves mainly worked in households, farms, construction, and shops
Thought that 25% of all people in Rome were slaves
Saturnalia freed slaves for a certain time and sort of thanked slaves
Slaves could be freed or become gladiators
Manumission Slaves were sometimes treated badly and punished
Slaves were sometimes sold into prostitution like modern sex trafficking
Did lots of work for little or no profit SLAVE Slaves could work on farms. They produced the food and other material the city depended on.

Some slaves were involved in business, such as shops. These slaves managed the business for absentee owners. SLAVES SPARTACUS
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