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Top Dog Software

No description

Marea Armstrong

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Top Dog Software

Founded by Ari Weiner and Mary Carpenter

15 year work experience with software company on west coast

Funded by couple cashing in stock options, withdrawn all of savings, maxed credit cards.
Why was the Software so effective?

Reduced a tremendous amount of resources when identifying and correcting issues of firms.

Eliminated problems with new digital manufacturing process:
-Product Development
-Hardware Design
TopDog's Software
Developed a new software package for root cause analysis (RCA)

Software was far more advanced then any of its competition

The software could be used as a stand alone product or easily integrated with other software packages.

Market product overseas to interested firms.

Find potential International consultant with global exposure

Seek international partners to ease transition into global market
To Go Global or not to go global? That is the question..
After gathering information from several sources, TopDog confirmed that:
TopDog's Head of sales, Samantha Jenkins and many other believe going global is a

Not ready for global expansion, as not fully established in the United States
Norway based company who has been beta testing a new form of RCA packaging software.

Could be major competitors as company is promising to outperform TopDog's current RCA software.

Global aspirations mentioned to press
TopDog Software
TopDog Software Case Analysis
By : Pheng Her
Kamaljit Chima
Mare'a Armstrong

28 employees with sales reaching approximately $4 million

Saved tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars with each application.

Lowered defect rates by 50%

Would find average 30-50 root cause problems while providing 20-30 corrective actions
Quick Statistics
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