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Black Holes

No description

Brandon Cassavaugh

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Black Holes

Black Holes
By: Brandon Cassavaugh
Black Holes
This Prezi Will explain what a black hole is, what it looks like and more.
What is a Black Hole?
A Black Hole is a small space in space which has a gravitational pull so strong that noting, not even light, can escape it.
What Does a black hole look like?
A black hole could look something like this.
Some Interesting Facts About Black Holes
* Black holes are considered to be the last evolutionary stage of a star.
* They cannot really be seen because of they're strong gravity in them sucking all of the light back into them.
* Some astronamers are confident that there is a black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy.

Interesting facts 2
* Black holes can grow by sucking in more matter.

* There are ussusaly three types of black holes namely stellar, supermassive and miniature black holes, all depending on their mass.

* Black holes follow the laws of gravity and hence in order to affect the earth, the orbit of a black hole would have to be very close to the solar system, which is not likely.
How did balck holes come to be?
John Mitchell first put out the idea of "dark stars" or object. Much later the term "black hole" was acepted.
This is a portrait of John Michell
It can take a Black Hole less than a billion years for it to reach a very large size.
Einstein's theory of general relativity had predicted the existence of black holes.
If you fell into a black hole, some scientists say that you would be shredded into the smallest pieces you could be divided into.
YouTube Video (He gets a little off topic toward the middle through end, but the first part seemed to be so informative that it is worth it to put it in).
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