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The Ranger's Apprentice

No description

Carson D

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of The Ranger's Apprentice

The Ranger's Apprentice
The Icebound Land
The Grin of Approval
Why I chose the book
What the book is About
What I liked About the Book
I liked all of the action and adventure and the struggle Will and Evanlyn ha dto go through.
John Flanagan wanted to encourage his son to read, as well as show him that heroes, like the main character Will, don't have to be big and strong. In the early 2000s, he decided to make the stories into the first novel The Ruins of Gorlan. There are currently twelve books published, and all of them have been released in the USA.
I chose this book because it is a fiction novel and it contained a lot of action and adventure. The main reason though is that it is the third book in my favorite series of all time.
Will and Evanlyn were captured after a battle with Lord Morgarath and taken to an island when a storm on their way to Skandia forced the boat to turn around. On the island Will would keep doing the same exercise plan everyday while he thought of ways to escape. All the Skandians gave Will and Evanlyn to live in was a small lean to on the side of a hut. When more Skandians arrive at the island they're always fighting and getting drunk. When Evanlyn spills some soup on the leader of the other Skandians, he grabs her and Will throws a knife at the jug next to him. Meanwhile, Halt (Will's craft master) tries as hard as he can to get to Skandia before winter. The king won't let him leave because Halt is one of the best Rangers. So Halt talks trash about the king in public and gets banned from the Nation of Arulan for one year. There is an argument about banning Halt for a year, some people say that he should be banned for life. Will's friend Horace ambushes Halt to see if he could come and help rescue Will. On the way Horace fights all of the knight's that cross their path and wins. After many battles, much adventure and lots of winning, Halt and Horace are unable to reach Skandia, but Will and Evanlyn escape on their own.
" Will was suddenly seized by an uncontrollable fit of shivering. His teeth chattered and his body shook and trembled and heaved as he fell to the ground, rolling helplessly in the snow, his knees drawn up to his chest (page 215)." I chose this quote because it shows how Will would ave died without the warmweed if
Evanlyn had cut him off right away. It also shows one of their hardships they had to go through.
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