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Sexism Presentation

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Jason Shon

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Sexism Presentation

There is no specific time of when sexism first began. It just developed naturally from early years as men believed they were more superior than women. The woman's role was being a mother, staying home, and doing the house work while the men went outside to hunt or to make money. Since all women could do was reproduce and stay home it was easier to reduce women's importance and relevance in society.
Why does sexism occur?
Sexism still occurs today as there are still people out there that think they are better than others and for many generations we believed that men and women should have different roles
Sexism Presentation
By; Jason, Chester, Sewit, Rachel

How does sexism oppress individuals?

Brief history
What does sexism mean?
Sexism means prejudice or discrimination based on the person's sex. It basically means treating people unfairly due to their gender. Sexism affects both male and female but it is portrayed more to woman.
Always #likeagirl
Thank you for listening to our presentation on sexism
action for equality

Sexism oppresses individuals as there are still women out there that are denied access to certain things such as freedom of vote or education. For example, in Iraq women are still denied education.

Factors that contribute to sexism
Factors like gender, social class, age, race and ethnicity play significant roles in influencing sexism against people. These factors can influence sexism as woemn are judged based on these factors and are harassed.
Where can we get help?
There is an organization called the everyday sexism project. Its where people can learn about what sexism is and the types of sexism. You can also share your stories to educate people and guide them through.
Inclusivity means including those who are excluded in society. Such as the handicapped, Learning disables, or racial minorities
Catapult is an organization that fights against sexism. This organization doesn't only fight against sexism. They also spread awareness against gender stereotypes, body image, consent and many other issues. They travel around the country to talk to schools and businesses about discrimination and harassment. They also run many campaigns each year raising money for the people in need.
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