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Elizabeth Dean

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of THINKING

Creating a Culture
A 6 week professional development journey
@ Oakton High School
Spring 2015
A group of 18 teachers from
the Oakton High School Science,
Math, English, Social Studies,
and World Language
Cultures of Thinking
at Oakton High School:
A six week professional development course designed to prepare teachers for the first annual Oakton HS Exhibition of Learning. Teachers read
Making Thinking Visible
, experimented
with thinking routines and looking at student work protocols, and practiced reflecting on both
student and teacher understanding.
to create and sustain cultures of learning among faculty by building relationships, reflecting on professional practices, and growing as teachers and learners

to learn purposes and processes for documenting student and teacher thinking

to prepare for the first ever OHS teacher
Exhibition of Learning
Where & When
After school on Tuesdays
from 3:00 - 4:30 PM
In the Oakton High School Library
For classrooms to be
cultures of thinking
for students,
schools must be
cultures of thinking
for teachers.

Class #2: What is the significance of documenting student & teacher learning?
Class #3: What does MTV look like in my own classroom?
Class #4 and #5
Class #6
Introductions - making connections with one another
What do we want out of this experience?
Delving deeper into what it means to document and make thinking visible.
Examining initial examples of student thinking with the LAST protocol
Introduction to the Looking at Student Thinking, LAST Protocol
Work Sessions: putting together teacher exhibitions, getting feedback
Reflecting on our learning and the
Exhibition of Learning experience
What does it mean to document student and teacher learning?
Share a meaningful moment from your teaching career...
How can we create
a culture of thinking
at Oakton HS?
- Ron Ritchhart
Connect, Extend, Challenge: Chapters 1&2 of Making Thinking Visible
Examples of Teacher Exhibitions:
See, Think, Wonder
personal relationships with students transcend all teaching experiences

the story of our own experience
as a student shapes the story
we tell our students today
what makes you say that?
How do we
find the time to
Does all of this
really help students
Can we assess
student's thinking by
assessing their
The Exhibition of Learning
24 teachers presented
50+ teachers attended
....now i think...
I used to think...
Thinking routines have brought new life into old classroom practices & ideas.
Learning about Making Thinking Visible as more powerful in this collaborative environment.
Making thinking visible is messy and values product over process
I used to think no one would be interested in coming - I am impressed by the faculty interest!
Now we are able to see the faculty as professionals
I used to think it would be disjointed - now I think it is unifying.
I used to think it would be rigid - now i think it is genuine and authentic.
I used to think it would be a display of student work - now I think it highlights teacher reflection and thinking.
I valued the time to process learning as a teacher.
I now realize how important it is for Teachers to do what their students do
Making Thinking
Exhibition of Learning
What's Next?
...read more about Making Thinking Visible
...focus on the common language of thinking routines among interdisciplinary teams
...plan a re-energizing retreat
...host a Teacher EoL again! Maybe at the beginning of the year to engage each the faculty & start the conversation
Teachers want to...
Class #1 What kind of thinking do we
want to promote in our classrooms?
16 different teachers are taking the Cultures of Thinking Class this spring
4 returning participants are taking the same class, with differentiated instruction focusing on Cultures of Thinking by Ron Ritchhart
The 2nd Annual Teacher Exhibition of Learning is scheduled for April 5th
2016 Cultures of Thinking
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