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jake snellgrove

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of App

West Sussex Credit Union


Initial impression of WSCU:
Dull, Text Based and Simple.

Wonga have 371K Likes

West Sussex credit union - 352 Likes

Satsuma - new to Facebook - with 148 Likes
sos ac - Our Tactics

Our main metric will be the amount of clicks the WSCU website receives as well as a transaction number.

Other metrics could be the download and usage rates of the app, however the validity can be questioned as its to complement the main objective.

To achieve our objective of increasing awareness of West Sussex credit union we can implement the RACE model to achieve this.

By using social media campaigns and the app, we have extended our potential market and raised brand awareness.
By offering competitions and through weekly tips, WSCU can engage with their targeted demographic.

Website redevelopment
Ethics and Responsibilities
Current Website
New Website design
Archie Carroll (1979) created the CSR Pyramid.
What ethics are involved in Payday Loans, and Credit unions?
Where are credit unions more effective?

Hassan et al. believes that managers and designers should take advantage of the current advanced technology to develop diverse and intuitive design features on smartphone for attracting users attention and affection.

Using this to our full advantage could really benefit the WSCU. We believe this because there is no Payday loan companies with a unique App and we could get a head of the market and become more competitive in the industry.
QR code on billboard and posters
Agenda for presentation
Gillian from Wonga - 23 k

Satsuma - 678

West Sussex credit union - 244
How much do I want to borrow?
How long for?
Borrowing + interest = ££££
Amount saved = ££££

Increase awareness of social media campaigns
Increase number of likes on Facebook to 1000 by end of the year.
Increase number of followers to 1000 by end of the year.

Lack of awareness around the save as you loan tactic
Poor interaction with customers
Website is insufficient for mobile use
Lack of traditional marketing
Twitter hours:

Twitterhours.net allows users to contribute to a topic when it is most effective; at the specific time. We would target our social media campaign through #Sussexhour #Webhitshour #Bognorhour
Out of all the credit unions in the UK England equate to 47%.
RACE model (Smart Insights, 2010)
Aiming to convert potential consumers into paying consumers. This could be through weekly tips, registering on the website, or downloading the app.
Build customer retention by reducing consumer debts. This introduces trust in WSCU. The aim is to achieve repeat conversion.
Chancellors proposed spending plans 2015-2020

Child benefit into Universal credit
£12 billion in welfare cuts
4.3 million families lose child benefit
Loss of £1000 a year per family

What affects does this have?
Less disposable income for lower social groups
Increase demand for credit unions

Wonga - Toxic Brand

1303680, 1305673 & 1301526

Source: BankofEngland.co.uk
Where are we now?
Why pay over the odds for a loan?
Be smart about your saving and borrowing.
Join our scheme and you will save as you loan.

Don't think your pay check will stretch that far?
Washing machine broken down?
Why not get a loan you can trust from West Sussex Credit Union.
Come see our weekly tips here:

Situational analysis
Understand the needs of WSCU - Lower social class
Identify how we will achieve this
Identify the metrics for the campaign
Our Strategy

Our creative idea
Why use QR codes?
Increase traffic to website

Traditional marketing complements online campaign

Barcode metrics - user demographics, activity & dates

Changing picture background - Create an emotional

Tip of the week section
Affiliate marketing; link website with WSCC's site

Redevelopment of the loan calculator

Live Twitter feed

'Tip of the week'
External Changes
ostac - Where are we now?
s stac - Objectives for our campaign
New Website design
'Tip of the week'
sosta - Control
RACE model. (Smart Insights, 2010)
QR code strategy
Public transport, Shops, Near schools, places with high footfall.

QR code directs to website not app
so tac - Our Strategy
Increase traffic to the website
Increase Downloads of the WSCU app
scan the QR code for more information
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