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The Ideal Person

No description

alex tsigakis

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Ideal Person

The Ideal Person What Makes Up The Ideal Person ? Looking at our society today, The concept of what makes up an ideal person differs from person to person. Even through all cultures and human history. The ideal person was mainly created by society across what social norms are considered right or wrong. The ideal person usually is a successful person. Qualities of an Ideal Person Qualities of an Ideal Person Being rational
Active How to be an Ideal Person an ideal individual is someone who is able to demonstrate their thoughts in a specific manner in which will attract as well as change others mind set. They possess the will and determination like no other and are morally on top of their surroundings. In society, many individuals are morally corrupt, an ideal person is someone who is able to somehow change and lead those individuals onto the right path. and what can be learned from every situation. They know who they must be associated with knowing their responsibilities as a human being as well as being a leader. One who leads and knows the correct underlying principles of life Being able to guide a group of individuals is what is needed in today’s modern world. There are many traditions and roles of morality which are being challenged. The lack of morality can be easily spotted in our economy and political crisis. Our conditions seem to worsen and the fact that we must develop a general intelligence is on growing. Someone who would be able to lead and change this, would be the Ideal Person! The list of ideal human beings today can be numbered. Yes there may be individuals that are true leaders but how many of them actually make change for the better? That is one question we must ask ourselves as a society. Sympathetic
Goal setter & achiever
Peace within
Ability to help others
Respect •Be thankful for what you have, keeping an open mind for happiness is key.
•Remain Composed and positive within, confident.
•Avoid being fake and untruthful.
•Give your best and not expect to be given everything.
•Love yourself.
•Respect any individual, greater, equal or beneath you in any standard. An ideal person must not have faults; they must be positive in every aspect and live his/her life to a certain standard above everyone else. Alexander Tsigakis
David Anthony Di Rienzo
Matthew Teolis By: That is what an Ideal Person should be! Ideal Person = Successful Person For example, Steve Jobs is an ideal person because he was successful, always positive, a great leader, had no faults and lived his life a level above everyone else with his great ideas and innovations.
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