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The Tell-Tale Heart Court Case.

No description

Miss Wilson

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The Tell-Tale Heart Court Case.

(person being accused of a crime) is seeking a plea of insanity, meaning he was not in his right mind and could not truly control his actions at the time of the murder. So, we must figure out if he is

reason of insanity

(planned and intentional commitment of a crime).

Tell-Tale Heart
Yesterday, you listened to a murder confession named Tell-Tale Heart. Today, our class is going to be putting this man on trial. We will be taking on the roles of the prosecution, defense, jury, and judge.

Turn and Talk
What does insanity mean?
How does an insane person behave?
Insanity is a mental illness of such a severe nature that a person
cannot distinguish fantasy from reality
cannot manage his/her own affairs
, or is
subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior

Legal Definition of Insanity
Characteristics of an Insane Person

Hearing things/voices that are not there

Paranoid:severe nervousness

Delusions of grandeur

Severely dark/morbid thoughts

Have a hard time cooperating/being around with others

Low tolerance for the unknown or personal disliking

Asking the same question and expecting different results
Legal Defenition of Premeditiated Murder
Prosecution vs. Defense

Jury(members of the public): You can sit and watch and at the end you must decide whether Ed is GUILTY (he planned the murder) or NOT GUILTY (he is insane and ill)

Defense: You believe Ed is NOT GUILTY as he is insane and ill.

Prosecution: You believe Ed is GUILTY as he carefully planned out the murder.

Judge: Makes sure the court behaves sensibly and everyone gets to speak. Makes final decision with the jury.

Premediated murder is the crime of wrongfully and
intentionally causing the death
of another human being after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success or escape the scene.

Charateristics of Premeditation

Careful observatio
n of surroundings




No t
First piece of evidence and reasoning:

"Meantime the hellish tatto of the heart increased. It grew quicker and quicker, and louder and louder every instant" (para. 17).

The man was hearing things that weren't really there.
He couldn't tell the difference from things he was actually hearing and things that he was imagining
If a person is insane, he or she has a hard time ditinguishing between fantasy and reality
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