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The House of the Spirits: Personification of Sin

Diploma Programme: Individual Oral Presentation

Anthony Capetillo

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The House of the Spirits: Personification of Sin

Sin: Sloth Sin: Wrath Quotes: Sin: Pride Quotes: Sin: Envy Quotes: Sin: Greed Quotes: Sin: Lust Quotes: Sin: Gluttony http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/536446/seven-deadly-sins Clara and the
Sloth Esteban and the Flame Blanca and the Nobel Esteban Garcia
the Grudge Ferula and
the Pig Transito, Rosa,
and the thirst The House of the Spirits: The personification of the
Seven Deadly Sins Barabas
and the Hunger Works Cited-
Bibliography: Quotes: "She did not speak again until nine years later..." (pg. 39)

"...she had already made up her mind to marry without love." (pg. 90)

"...made up anecdotes that Clara found very lovely and forgot within five minutes..." (pg. 98)

" 'I think I'm going to levitate,' she said. "(pg. 113)

"...she did not leave him for a second, following him around the house..." (pg.431) "...despite my proverbial pessimism, which always leads me to expect the worst." (pg 32)

"My first reaction was one of rage" (pg.33)

"...if Clara intended to follow in her mother's footsteps she was going to come face to face with a real man..." (pg. 106)

"When she was afraid of me, our life became a torment." (pg. 177)

"He lost control and struck her in the face..." (pg. 200) " 'You'll change your mind!' Esteban Trueba roared" (g. 185)

" 'I'm not getting married, Papa,' she said." (pg. 215)

"But Blanca was used to living alone" (pg. 311)

" 'I have to think it over, my love,' she said." (pg.344) "...he was probably the only one to grow up hating is last name." (pg. 189)

"Tres Marias would become his kingdom." (pg. 189)

"She embodied everything he would never have, never be." (pg.286)

"...he had been waiting for her since the distant day when he sat her on his knees..." (pg.404)

"Look at what they've done to you!" (pg.407) "The most beautiful creature to be born on earth since the days of the original sin..." (pg. 4) "I was annoyed with Clara, and I was in a bad mood, I had excess energy, I was tempted. (pg. 115) "Soon afterwords he was running everywhere, devouring drape fringes, Oriental rugs, and all the table legs." (pg.19) " Within six months he was the size of a sheep, and at the end of a year he was as big as a colt." (pg. 9) http://www.ministrymatters.com/all/article/entry/3638/7-deadly-sins-sermon-series-and-study#axzz2U0zgJtmU "I think I committed a sin" (pg.99)

"Esteban's and Ferula's hatred for each other took a long time to explode" (pg. 131)

"You will always be alone! Your body and soul will shrivel up and you'll die like a dog!" (pg. 132) Quotes: http://ia-site.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/cont/other/Bio_Isabel-en.pdf Allende, Isabel. The House of the Spirits. New York: Dial, 2005. Print.
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