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The Secret of the Forgotten City

No description

Annie Moon Davis

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Secret of the Forgotten City

The Secret of the Forgotten City Nancy Drew book #
Book by Carolyn Keene

Book Profile
Title: The Secret of the Forgotten City
Author: Carolyn Keene
Page Numbers: 180 pages
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap inc.
Place Published: Canada

Secondary Characters
is a young Indian woman with a job as an archeologist and is very intelligent.
Fleet-foot Joe
is also a young Indian. He is a robber who is very well known in India
Book Summary
This book is all about how Nancy Drew and her friends solve the "Secret of the Forgotten City". It all starts out when Ms.Wabash gets robbed of her stone tablets by Fleet-foot. The stone tablets lead to a gold treasure that was hidden in the Nevada desert by Native Americans. Ms.Wabash tells Nancy she can keep the one stone tablet that did not get stolen. Nancy's friends meanwhile had had set up a caravan to go treasure hunt for the GOLD. Soon they were off to the Nevada desert to search for the treasure. The only problem is Fleet-foot is following them and also wants to find the missing treasure! Of coarse though at the end the mystery is solved.
Book Review
I do recommend this book because it always fun to solve mysteries and I think the Nancy Drew series is great for all young readers around my age.
Whose shoes?
Author Facts
I would ask Nancy what it's like to solve all these mysteries? and what it's like to be so well known?

I would ask Ms.Wabash how she felt when her tablets were stolen.

I would ask George is it hard work to help solve mysteries with Nancy and do you like or dislike it?

I would ask Carolyn Keene what inspired her to write the Nancy Drew series?

I would ask Fleet-Foot Joe how he knew where Ms.Wabash was going when he stole her stone tablets and why he chose that time to do so.
Who's shoes would I mostly want to be in?
I would mostly want to be in Nancy's shoes because, she gets to solve most of the mystery.
Author facts
Nancy Drew
is a young detective who is almost always solving a mystery. She also lives in River Heights with lots of her friends.
is a friend who helps Nancy with her mysteries. She has short hair and enjoys her boyish name.
is George's cousin who is also a friend of Nancy's. She has long hair is plump and pretty.
Born: July 10, 1905
Died: May 28, 2002
Education: University of Iowa.

Things You May Not Know
Carolyn Keene is just a pen name. Her real name was actually Mildred Wirt Benson.

Mildred wrote about 130 children's books.

Her first book was published when she was only 14!

Things you may not know
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