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MITIE's Innovative MI solution

Jeremy Ehlers

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of MiWorld

Key benefits
I have
a question...
Some frequently asked questions
Q. What are the licensing arrangements for MiWorld?
A. MiWorld is provided as a subscription service based on an agreed annual charge.
Case study
One of our clients has a huge property portfolio with an extensive supply of facilities management services across their estate, all managed by a number of suppliers and IT systems. They were struggling to manage all of the data available, which resulted in duplication of effort, a lack of clarity around the information presented with vast amounts of resource being allocated.
MiWorld was implemented and has become the single source for all Management Information. It streamlines the supply chain information ensuring everyone is sharing the same data at the same time, and this allows MiWorld to assist in the assessment of the suppliers’ performance. >
Q. Can I use MiWorld as my own Management Information platform?
A. Yes you can, if you subscribe to the 'Enterprise' solution. The MiWorld team will provide Business Analysts, Developers, Training and Support staff who will work with you to understand your requirements and to provide suggestions as to who we can add the maximum value using the knowledge gained from the information obtained. We will then engage with the business owners and other partners to assess the data available and to design the required outputs.
Finally we will create the required reports and interactive dashboards containing the Business Intelligence to maximise value working closely with your during this whole process.
Q. What are the system requirements
in order to access MiWorld?
A. At least Internet Explorer v6 or higher, with Flash v9. MiWorld will also run on Safari and some of the latest Android OS Tablets.
MiWorld continues to evolve with focus now turning to the management of capital expenditure projects and strategic management information across their property portfolio. This will result in analysis to help consolidate their estate, identifying further property opportunities and reducing the number of inefficient, expensive low-occupied locations.
MiWorld uses ‘Intelligence’ capabilities to report on agreed KPIs with automated 'live' alerts. It also highlights which assets and locations across their estate require additional support and this works to reduce the cost of managing incidents. >
Want to know more
please contact the MiWorld team

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Step 2
Click any yellow 'hotspot' to reveal content
step forward, step back, through the transitions
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Have you ever asked yourself;
“I wish I could easily assess the performance of my services across the business?"
..."it's hard to answer these questions because the data is too difficult to get hold of!”
and the solution ....
“what does it cost to run my buildings?”
Have you ever thought;
Have you ever been told;
MiWorld® is MITIE’s innovative web-based MI portal which has been developed to support MITIE’s largest integrated TFM clients
Provides a single point of access for all performance information through interactive, analysable dashboards and reports
Turns information into knowledge which can be acted upon.
A key benefit is its capability to utilise data from systems outside of MITIE’s own environment
An ‘aggregator’ that uses common interface mechanisms to extract data from various operational systems
How it works
MiWorld portal
Can be overlaid across an entire account and to work with existing client technologies
Configured upon the markets fastest growing BI framework, Microsoft BI using best in class integration tools
Secured to meet information security requirements of MoJ and Local Government
Global Reach, accessible through the internet
Single Sign On, Web-based access, B2B Information Portal
Established feeds from MITIE systems and can link to our client/supplier infrastructures
Solution architecture to facilitate (account) growth
Established development roadmap with innovative ideas to continuously improve our client’s work places
the gateway to the industry-leading systems
Customer Interface
Web-based Portal that provides a gateway
to MITIE's core applications

Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management system

Interactive, drillable dashboards and reports

Automated alert and self-subscription

Electronic process workflow and authorisation

Dedicated communications channel towards
the customer

Secured main-access (login/password)
Simple customer/supplier access

Provides knowledge at a consolidated contract view
or at a local level

A security model controlling who sees what
and to what level of detail

Tracking of contractual performance of all services

Provides information policy reminders across
all documents

Complete transparency, MITIE and the customer
share the same data

Open architecture to enable easy aggregation
of information from systems outside of MITIE
Estate Management
Global 'Google' mapping solution

Consolidated information to provide
Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO)

Captures all utility and FM service costs

Automated reporting and alert
notification of rentals, lease reminders

Automatic generation of property
data sheets

Includes Google routing and
travel integration
Identification of co-location and consolidation

Proactive management of all portfolio data

Aggregated portfolio metrics based on user
defined selection (property, type, location,
floor area)

Benchmarking to enable quick easy
assessments of 'like' properties across
your estate

Notifications of alerts on critical dates/events
to avoid expensive penalties and late fees
Consolidates critical reporting elements from core MITIE applications in a single repository

Cube generated dashboards and reports

Integrated business logic to support information presented

Dashboard and reports drillable for slice
& dice analysis

Provides self-service BI

Skilled team to assist with clients own
BI requirements through MiWorld
Simple method for accessing information
for informed decision making

Consistent filtering and look & feel for clarity irrespective of the data

Analytical (drill down – slice and dice) processing

Cube generated output for improved performance

Reduced data ‘Noise’ through exception
based reporting to ensure critical thresholds
are highlighted

Data available to support a variety of tools

Delivers data for benchmark comparison
Information Management /
Data warehousing
Enterprise Content Management System

Check in / Check Out

Version Control

Smart Meta Tagging for easy retrieval

Information Policy Management to support compliance requirements

Workflow and authorisation

Immediate, daily or weekly alert notifications
Hosted document management environment

Fully auditable

Automatic reminders based on time period (Compliance)

Self-subscription for document updates

Simple and complex workflows and multiple
authorisations with delegation

Flexible document library views

Intelligent document retrieval via the Document Dashboard
Document Management /
Hosting Services
Computer Aided Facilities
Management System – CAFM
The latest v7 offering is the most powerful yet
and provides tools to help automate all
aspects of maintenance operations, including
asset lifecycle management, scheduling,
corrective maintenance, planned
maintenance, works orders, labour and
expense tracking, procurement and detailed
operational reporting

Maximo Asset Management is composed
of Modules, which in turn contain applications
or sub-applications.
Helps maximise life and performance of assets
and reduce equipment downtime, closely control and track maintenance expenses, cut spare parts inventories and costs, improve purchasing efficiency and more effectively deploy productive assets, personnel and other resources

Key Maximo information presented through MiWorld without the user needing to know how to access and use Maximo
PDA supports on-line / off-line mode
Realtime Dispatch and updates from Maximo

Workers can action work orders, reassign or complete in an instant

Complete audit trail

Full visibility of work plan
Worker productive time is maximised

There is less required “touch time” for managers and administrators

Customer Service is improved, with shorter response times

Adhere to client SLA’s and exceeds customer satisfaction

Human errors are reduced

Optimise resource deployment
Mobile Workforce
Visual representation of room availability based upon resource and requirements

Web-based room-request

Approval workflow process to confirm booking

Visitor management

Extendable with Desk-booking
Integrated cost-tracking for all aspects of room-booking for internal/external cost-allocation

Simplified communication

Increased productivity by elimination of double bookings, real-time availability of meeting-rooms and related resources

Integration with customers calendar booking system
Resource Booking
“I wonder how the performance of our assets compares across our estate?”
Have you ever asked yourself;
The bigger
data feeds
Property management
The bigger picture
Complete transparency
Streamlined processes
Robust data feeds
Web application integration
Enterprise content management
Established platform
By using information on rentals, leases, occupancy, service and utility costs, MiWorld helps you make the right decisions
Through the same interface, MiWorld lets you assess the performance of individual locations or assets or if you desire your whole estate
The data held within MiWorld is shared therefore ensuring everyone is viewing the same information
By using electronic forms and workflow, MiWorld is able to save considerable time which is usually spent collecting and reformatting data. This time can be used to focus on analysing the information to benefit the contract
MiWorld uses scripted processes to extract and cleanse the data which is then combined using Master Data Management techniques to provide the intelligence
By embedding any web based applications, MiWorld is able to remove those annoying popup windows and provide a seamless integrated experience
MiWorld provides Enterprise Content Management features ensuring formal control of documents
MiWorld is configured upon the world’s fastest growing BI solution
Rich visuals for clear performance tracking

Fully drillable to provide contract level or granular KPI reporting

Automatic generation of PDF report packs including ability to add commentary

Comparison capability for cross site reviews

Early warning notification of poorly performing KPI's
Consistent look and feel

RAG status including variation from previous month

Significantly reduces the amount of time spent capturing and reporting performance, thereby allowing more time to assess and analyse.

Single point of access for all

Individual KPI's consolidated to support performance against agreed SLA's
Global Performance Tracking
MiWorld Data Warehouse
'enabling smarter decisions'
‘simplifying your supply chain’s information'
.. in summary
Supported by a dedicated team of highly skilled analysts and developers who will ensure maximum value is realised
An established Management Information platform which could be leveraged by the client for their own purposes

MiWorld can provide Total Cost of Occupancy by integrating FM and Property costs
Provides intelligent information to operational teams on service performance including ‘early warning’ notifications with a focus on areas of improvement

MiWorld reduces cost, through efficiency improvements using automated processes
Helps manage compliance through automated reminders of pending reviews
Q. MiWorld 'Lite' v 'Enterprise'?
A. We aim to provide value early on and this is achieved by implementing the 'Lite' solution within an 8 week period. This provides the foundation upon which further more client bespoke options can explored. MiWorld 'Lite' focuses on FM performance, whereas 'Enterprise' provides Energy, Property and a whole relationship platform.
MiWorld 'Lite', its an MI platform in a box
Maximo work order presented within MiWorld
Planned Maintenance schedule presented
within MiWorld
Room Utilisation statistics presented within MiWorld
Automated report packs.... can also be scheduled for email delivery
Don't want the detail summary executive dashboards are also available
Any web based application can be embedded within MiWorld providing a seamless experience
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