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Germany's Punishment and Reactions

No description

Maddie Levesque

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Germany's Punishment and Reactions

Germany's Reactions and Punishments
After WW I, a peace settlement called the treaty of Versailles was made.
Europe wanted Germany to pay for what they did in World War I.
Germany was held responsible for the war by most of the Europeans.

Germans described the treaty as "Dicktat!"
They felt helpless
They angered the Big Three
The treaty made Germany pay 6,600 million pounds
There were many military restrictions of which they must follow
The Germans lost over 2,000,000 people in WWI
The Treaty of Versailles. History Learning Site, 2000. Web. 9 Jan. 2014.
Germany and the Treaty. BBCI, 2004. Web. 9 Jan. 2014.

With the severity of the treaty it shocked the Germans.
Germany had to give up 10 percent of their land and were not allowed to unite with Austria
They also had to give up their overseas empire in Afica
They lost their coalfields and nearly half of its iron and steel industries
Refused to sign it at first.
Many Germans did not feel they were responsible for the war.
The people of Germany thought they would be able to negotiate terms.
The terms and conditions created by the Big three in the Treaty of Versailles caused many problems for Germany.
The Treaty Angered The germans as They Had no choice But to sign it
Germany lost over 2,000,000 soldiers Over the course of war.
The treaty forced the army to be reduced to 100,000 men (Mostly infantry ).
The country was almost bankrupt.
Germany lost many of its colonies and land.
Germany was thought as a threat to the world and was forced to surrender many of its assets in order to stop the war and prevent the ignition of a new one.
The Treaty was signed on June 28 1919.
Germany did not see the terms of the treaty until only weeks before the signing.
The Treaty was known as a Diktat as it was forced upon them.
Many germans opposed the treaty but the representatives saw no choice as they could not have continued with the war.
The people of Germany were angered by this action due to their limited involvement in staring the war.
Many of These Events led to world war II.....
The punishments that Germany had to deal with made it very difficult for their lifestyle.
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