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Shadow Relics in the Famen Temple Crypt

No description

beth fischer

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Shadow Relics in the Famen Temple Crypt

Stupa at Isurumuniya, 3rd c BCE Death of the Buddha, 2nd c. BCE jar with sarira, 8th c. CE Famen relic famen tomb, elevation view silver coffin, pre 7th c. CE Famen relics Famen tomb, back chamber Famen crypt, front chamber Famen crypt, back chamber Famen crypt, marble stupa and interior silver coffin with bone relic procession, T'ang period Famen relic in a procession, Tang period Famen crypt, second chamber
Famen crypt, back chamber jade relic, left; bone relic, right View into Famen crypt Famen jade relic, back room jade relic showing Big Dipper Image of Buddha in Pure Land, 8th c. CE Icons of the Dharma Body:
Jade Shadow Relics
in the Famen Temple Crypt
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