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Girl, Stolen prezi

No description

becca p

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Girl, Stolen prezi

Girl, Stolen by April Henry A realistic fiction novel Prezi by Becca Parker and Meckenzie Yeager http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7906105-girl-stolen Summary Ten Reasons You Should Read It Theme Personal Reviews Becca: Meckenzie: The theme of the book Girl, Stolen, by April Henry, is that nothing can hold you back. The main character, Cheyenne Wilder, went blind in an accident when she was thirteen. Throughout the time she needed to adjust to her new life, she felt as though her blindness now held her back. Her blindness presented her with new difficulties, and this discouraged her so much that she went through life feeling as though she could now never accomplish anything because she was blind. One recurring thought of hers throughout the book is the fact that she will never be able to drive a car. After she is kidnapped, her whole world changes. She realizes that she is the only person who can get herself out of the dangerous situation, alive and in one piece. Throughout the book, she is constantly challenged to do things she never thought were possible because she was blind. For those reasons, the theme of the book is that nothing can hold you back. Girl, Stolen by April Henry is a great book! It was the kind of book that you had to read in one sitting. I loved it! I think many other people will and do love it. You should read it. When I read Girl, Stolen, I could not put the book down. It was very fast-paced, and the action started right off the bat. I was completely wrapped in the character's story and had to keep reading to find out how it ended. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! It is very action-packed
Action starts right off the bat
Very well-written book that everyone would enjoy
The characters are very relatable
Something new is revealed with every turn of the page The book Girl, Stolen, by April Henry, is the story of the accidental kidnapping of Cheyenne Wilder from the Woodlands Experience shopping center while her step-mom filled a prescription. Making the situation even more frightening is the fact that Cheyenne has pneumonia, and she is blind due to a tragic accident when she was thirteen. The story quickly continues as her accidental kidnapper, who is named Griffin, realizes she is in the car he is stealing. After he returns home, his father is angry and has to decide how to deal with the issue. Griffin begins to wonder whether he wants to continue with the life he has been living, but stakes suddenly become higher than ever, and he must quickly make a choice. With her own life at risk, Cheyenne, with the help of a few unexpected allies, must choose whether to make a final, desperate attempt to escape, and the story will keep the reader hooked until the very last page. With its fast pace and exciting plot, this book is sure to grab anyone that reads it.
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