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Storing of Valuables

No description

Haley Gram

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Storing of Valuables

By: Hannah Souder, Haley Gram
Storing Valuables
Safe Deposit Boxes:
"The Us department of Homeland security told banks- in writing- it may inspect safe deposit boxes without warrant and size any gold, silver, guns or anything else they may find in the box."
Bank Vaults
Why To Use a Safe Deposit Box
Records to put in a Safe Deposit Box
Storing of Valuables
safe deposit boxes are a metal, fire proof box that is used to store valuables usually in a bank.

Safe Deposit boxes offer privacy and only the owner knows whats inside the box so its very secure.
Valuables can be protected from fire and floods, some even today are bullet proof. These safes can be located in your home to protect your valuable assets.
Bank vaults have to be fire proof but dont have to be water proof. They protect your assets in the safety of a bank.
How to Protect Safe Deposit Boxes:

Store or buy a safe deposit box in a high level building, to prevent water damage.
How To Protect Your Valuables
-Birth, death, and marriage certificates
-Copies of drivers license
-Insurance policies
-Car titles
-Social security cards
-Powers of attourney
-Collectibles and rare jewls

-You need to pay $25-$100 dollars a year to maintain a safe deposit box.
-There are size limitations as to what you can put in a safe deposit box.

1.) Protects valuables from theft at home.
2.) Protection from natural disasters.
3.) Can't loose or misplace expensive items.
4.) Family members know where all important items are.
5.)Cost effective.
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