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Chasing the Falconers

By Gordon Korman

Beth Gordon

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Chasing the Falconers

Chasing the Falconers
By Gordon Korman
Uncle Frank
Aiden and Meg go to sunny dale/juvenile, because there parents were accused of turning on the csi government with terrorist. Then Aiden and Meg plan an escape to get out of sunny dale to go find there uncle Frank, because he is the only one that can prove that there parents are not guilty. After that they start a fire in sunny dale then run away. They get on a train to Virginia. There uncle Frank isn't there so they get more research on him then go to boston.
The lesson learned is that you never turn your back on family. They never turned thier back on family, but their uncle Frank did because he didnt take them in when their parents got taken to jail. He just sat there and let the CSI take them away to sunny dale facility.
I recommend this book
I recommend this book for people that like action, but also mystery because a lot of times through out this book you will either not know whats going to happen or they will be running away from something. This is a very interesting book, and maby you'll read it one day.
loving, smart, kind, sneaky
Hardworking and outgoing
clumsy, clever, bold
They lesson learned
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