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#iii13 - Unleashing the potential of Google Forms

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Anthony Speranza

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of #iii13 - Unleashing the potential of Google Forms

Unleashing the potential of Google Forms
#iii13 - 16/08/2013
Please have a go! We need some data :)
St. Mark's Primary School, Dingley
What is a Google Form?
How do I create a Google Form?
Why should I create Google Forms?
How do I create a self-grading Google Form?
Google Forms and formative assessment in mathematics.
other ideas with Google Forms
A free service provided by Google available from Google Drive.
Forms are created and stored in your Drive.
Collect information in an easy,streamlined way.
Design, send, collect, analyse, export from one location!
Add a title
Design a question
Determine question type
Provide possible answers
Add as many questions as you like!
Insert the script "FLUBAROO" from the gallery
Mark and assess responses
Analyse data
Email scores and results
No more!
Teaching a differentiated unit of time.
A P-7 scope & sequence of outcomes in student friendly language
Designing a pre-assessment to determine student's PK
Link is shared, students complete the test
Results are collected and graded using flubaroo
Students are emailed their results
Students use their S&S to determine what they know
Students are then taught at the point of need over 6 explicit lessons
At the end of the unit, students take the same test as a post-assessment of learning
Pre & Post Assessment of learning has been collected
Evaluation and reflection of teaching & learning
anecdotal observation forms and use on a mobile device
feedback forms for students to use to assess the teacher's lesson
record evidence observed of student development during focus groups
self-assessments / reflections for students post topic
collect wondering questions during inquiry
Creation guides
Example forms
Ideas and lessons
Students receive results and track their growth
Effect size >0.4
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