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Created Story

No description

Shaun Phares

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Created Story

Hard working middle class man, work for heat and pluming all over the tri-state area.
He also works part time at Moe's Bar and Grill.
He is also one of johnny's Guardians
Little George
Is Aunt Sally's and Uncles Bob's first Born
He is currently 3 years old and can say names.
His hobby's include chewing on hot wheels cars and drawing on the wall.
(He's like a little brother to Johnny)
Aunt Sally
Aunt Sally works at a grocery store as the assistant manager.
She has worked their four 14 years and strives to be the best she can everyday.
Also one of Johnny's Guardian
Uncle Bob
First semester
English 3
Math 3
Weight training
Plans to Attend college, undecided, and is looking for scholarship.

GPA 3.5

SAT 750
ACT 900

Swimming (High Dive)
Bad Choices
Sometimes he hangs out later than he is suppose to, and gets very tiered during school the next day (often).
Good Choices
He chooses Grades and academics over various of reckless, and time wasting activities.

Johnny's Family
Johnny's school life
Johnny's choices
Johnny's Life
Johnny doesn't live with his biological parents. Instead he lives with his aunt and uncle.
Johnny likes to run early in the morning and at night to clear his mind.
Johnny also takes kniting class which he enjoys because his grandma taught him how. He really wants to make his grandma proud. So Johnny decided to make a quilt.
So to get funds to
make the quilt he
does some odd jobs,
like cut grass and
wash cars.

It took 5 month,
and $245 but johnny finally finishes the quilt.
His grandma is so proud she takes him out to eat with the family.

The cool stuff
Directors cut
Johnny's will
Wish I had more time on this Future plans to take a napp.
Career- Lumber Jack
His Friends-
Boats and more
BOats and Ect...
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