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Achieve the best you can be

No description

Beatriz Vidal

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Achieve the best you can be

``Achieve the best you can be´´
Why OUR campus?
We are a large international community of proffesionals commited to education, working to help us achieve the best you we can be
7 different schools in the same campus
School of Sports Science
"We have created an innovative educational project, designed to improve the conncestion between the training received and the desired career. the model is based on combining solid scientific theoretical and practical training with the acquisition of proffesional skills"
School of Arquitecture
"Arquitecture in its widest sense, is not just a technical disciplineapplied to the material world, but a powerful instrument for understanding and making sense of physical environment in which human beings live and act"
School of Arts and Communication
"In my experience, larning has to be stimulating and entertaining, so that as well as technical skills, we learn with the enthusiasm and excitement, which are the bedrock of a professional calling. This approach is specially apposite in the context of our school where you will find a passion for work well done, imagination and adventureare as important as discipline or rigor"
School of Health Science
"All of us in the faculty are working to train healthcare proffesionals who want to serve society, with a solid foundation of scientific knowlodge, who come into real contact with the public and offer them personalized, high quality healthcare
School of Biomedical Science
You can expect participatory learning, resolving case studies, doing simulation exercises, with teamwork and mandatory tutored internshisps, which bring you into contact with the patients reality from the start and give you the opportunity to participate actively in the work of leading health centers.
This is only the beggining...

We are a healthy and
smoke free campus
The “Healthy Campus” campaign represents the firm commitment of our universty to help create a healthy and inclusive learning environment through training and raising awareness; an environment aimed at reinforcing healthy lifestyle behaviour and attitudes among the university community and converting this institution into a benchmark in terms of commitment to better health and improved quality of life.
Keep moving
A university of reference
For its
Universidad Europea forms part of the Laureate International Universities network, the undisputed leader in the Higher Education market, with over 780,000 students and more than 70 institutions spanning 29 countries all over the world.
This University's membership of the Laureate network enables it to offer its students international programs and internships, student exchanges and dual degrees in more than 40 countries.

People from all
around the world
Don`t stop here...

We have more to show you
To those professionals who, due to their ability and personal and professional career, with national and international recognition, excel in the fields of science, technology, culture, teaching, research or any of the professional areas that provide value to our society.
The Universidad Europea de Madrid thus recognizes the contributions of our Honorary Phd and presents them as role models for our own students and professors.
Honorary Doctorates Recognition
Hard work
With several sports teams...
With numerous high performance athletes, championships, clubs and professionals.
They conceive the sport as an educational tool encourage core values ​​enabling the development of people.
We want everyone to feel like home
for international people
Welcome to UEM
School of Social Sciences
Teamwork, solving practical cases, business simulation exercises, internships and practical work abroad are all an excellent way to prepare for the future career of our students
Relation with the mentors
Helps us develop SKILLS
Advises us in ACADEMIC and
are the intellectual of the institution.
They are professors and mentors to their students, developing their professional careers. with their dedication, methodology and expertise withing their discipline, they share with of all us their knowlodge and help us develop our talents in and outside the classroom
University Life
University life resolves around providing us with an integrated educational experience during our time at university, in and aoutside the classroom.
University activities
They are an excellent opportunity to complement our acquisition of skills and to be in contact with what we find exciting, our passions and interests. Its also a good way to get to know students in other disciplines and learn from each others.
Is one of the few campus that has the inside this...
Is more than a campus, more than a place to ... it´s . The place where you , where you , your , your your to , is part of your .

your place
construct yourself
own future
Experiences, teachers, deans, friends, people, moments
It makes you be, the
The election is in you...
You will see the world to your feet
José Ramos
School of Engineering
"We are here to train professionals who, true to the meaning of engineering, contribute to the progress and welfare of society by creating and applying ideas and technologies"
Isabel Fernández
Alfonso Jiménez
Luis Calandre
Miguel Gómez Navarro
Universidad Europea de Madrid
282 exchange agreements. Programs and intersnships in more than 40 countries. 70 programs 100% in english or in bilingual format
Elena Gazapo
Research Model
They carry out multidisciplinary and international applied research which is useful to society, relevant and visible, with high standards of scientific rigor and quality. They link this research with their teaching activities, bringing us into contact with the processes of scientific research in their fields, so that we can see at first hand the latest breakthroughs and their results.
We have , into which all our research activity in each field is organized (projects, training programs, scientific exchange forums, dissertations, scientific publication, etc.).
Health and Life science
Physical Activity and Sports
Educational Innovation
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Values and social responsibility
five centers of Excellence for Research
The best version of you
Sports Club
The GOE offers:
Training through courses and personalized advice on matters of self-assessment and the development of competences that open doors to the job market under the best of circumstances
Information about the professional environment (professional opportunities, internship and employment offers, scholarships, internet portals of interest for professional opportunities, etc.).
Information on programs, scholarships and opportunities for undertaking internships at an international level.
Support for business initiative through the Entrepreneurship Resources of the Entrepreneur Center.
Social Responsability
Social Responsability
Enviromental Actions
Development Cooperation
Social Responsability office
Educating in values throught the learning process
Healthy Campus
SIGMA project
Volunteer programs
International Volunteer Program
Training in values for teaching staff
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