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6.01 Economic Relationships

No description

Kimberly Guerrero

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of 6.01 Economic Relationships

6.01 Economic Relationships - Water Pollution
by: Kimberly Guerrero
Business Firms
Rest of the World



The government buys all supplies it needs from here such as products needed to run the water and filter it.
The government makes sure the water is quality water and won't cause illness by imposing regulations.
People pay taxes in order to keep the programs that help regulate clean water
You buy bottled water
from the market
You can get BPA free water, or food grown/stored in clean water that will not cause you any disease.
Government would borrow funds in order to create more jobs and programs to reinforce clean water regulations and raise awareness to water pollution.
Here you can buy stocks or get loans to begin a water pollution organization or donate to one.
Employees who work in factories to keep water clean or in programs that cause awareness gain an income.
They exchange land, labor, and capital meaning that the companies of water claning gain machinery to clean their water.
Money spent in order to help supply the factor market to produce more machinery so they can buy it.
They get money to borrow and stocks they can invest in to make more money to help their business prosper such as getting more for the business who manufacture clean water
Giving loans to foreign companies who can produce cheap goods/service for clean water companies and even sell some stocks for them to invest.
They can take advantage of the generousity of our Financial Market and get a loan to help their economic situation get better and at the same time help the people who helped them by producing more goods/services that aid in clean water goods.
From all the goods/service being purchased in order to have access to clean water the business firms are reaping much revenue.
Goods and service from the business firms also benefit the product market because it gives the smaller companies things to sell and that were already made and passed through inspection at these firms such as water bottles.
Exports could include complete trated water, bottled water, healthier, cleaner water from a safety container.
Imported: The plastic/displays for the stores, or the pieces manufactured to have clean water.
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