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No description

Amy Kim

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Hyperbole

Hyperbole Amy Kim
Critical Reasoning
Kristin K. Casado Definition Hyperbole [Rhetoric] the use of an overstatement or exaggeration for effect.
Hyperbole is exaggeration in prose and poetry used to express humor and accentuate interesting and vibrant images. (Poetry technique)
Used for emphasis
Extravagant overstatement

Example 1 Luis is the most hansome guy who ever lived. Luis is an unbelievably hansome guy. A strong claim, but not hyperbole. Hyperbole You may reject the hyperbolic claim, but you may now think Luis is such a good-looking guy. Be careful to show the supports of hyperbolic claims!
If there's no support of hyperbole, you don't need to believe! Example 2 I've been waiting you for 15 minutes! Normal statement I've been waiting you for few decades! Hyperbole Users of hyperbole Poets
Travel guides
Thank you for listening! Amy Kim Hyperbole Exaggeration Overstatement
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