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Dancing in the 1920s

No description

Heather Cudnohufsky

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Dancing in the 1920s

Dancing in the 1920s Flappers The Charleston The Lindy Hop -young women called flappers because they are like baby birds trying to leave the nest -wore short skirts with stockings and no longer wore corsets -it was easier to move in loose fitting clothing -bobbed hairstyles and a lot of make up -women smoked, drank
and enjoyed themselves at speakeasies -they danced to mock the "drys,"
or supporters of prohibition -changed the way women are viewed forever -symbol of the jazz age -popularized in 1923 by the movie "Running Wild" -named after the city in South Carolina -considered provocative by the previous generation -many forms of this dance; can be danced with a partner or solo -one of the most popular movies/songs of the era -resembles walking in place -named after Charles Lindbergh after his flight to Paris in 1927 -social dance; partners are close together and improvise to the music -also called the Jitterbug -elvolved into many other types of swing dancing -Frankie Manning was considered the Ambassador of the Lindy Hop -taught the Lindy Hop in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem
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