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Everybody has his burden

No description

Dan Levy de Castro

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Everybody has his burden

with Interpretation
The Leaves
The Pyramid
Four Levels of the Pyramid

Everybody Has His Burden
These leaves represent the Law Makers of the society. They protect the society against corruption by producing effective rules to follow. Every season these "Leaves" will be replaced...
The status of every person in a
society can be represented by
"The Pyramid".
By: Generoso

Story of different
burdens of beings with different Status...
The employees. They provide nutrition(taxes) to the society. This nutrition supports the entire society and without it, the society will crumble.
Lower Class
Lower-Middle Class
Upper-Middle Class
Upper Class
Lower Class
Lower-Middle Class
This character represents the Law Enforcers.
They provide service and hard labor to enforce the law in order for the society to be productive and continuously on the move...
Upper-Middle Class
The Fruits
Upper Class
These "Fruits" represent the employers or the successful businessmen. They produce products that provides income for the entire society.
Moral Lesson
The entire TREE itself represents the society. The society will eventually die when a part is missing or not functioning well. The true balance of democracy is when the leaves, fruits, trunks, and roots are all taken into picture.
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