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The Red Planet

No description

Brenden Gunnett

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of The Red Planet

Mars is a lot like Earth or was.The average temperature on Mars is -80 degrees.A really cold day is -195 degrees.A super hot day it is 70 degrees.
Brenden Gunnett

Mars has a very thin atmosphere,when you enter the atmosphere you are going 27 times faster then the speed of sound.
Mars is half the size of Earth, most likely because it does not have a liquid inter core.
Mars used to have water the Grand Canyon was carved by water so the bigger Canyons on mars had to be carved by something most likely mars had water and could support a living ecosystem.
Also Mars has dust that is really thick, if you were to breathe it in you would be like breathing cigrate smoke. On mars when we sent are first rover to mars there was a globe dust storm. the whole planet was cover in dust we could not see it for the telescope anymore.
On mars there is a mountain on mars that's is three times the size of mountain Everest.Also there is the canyon that can swallow the grand canyon in a side arm.
The canyon on mars is over two thousand miles long.It is also three thousand miles deep at the deepest point.Six miles acrossed.
On mars there could be things use to cure diseases that we cant cure here on earth.Mabey the rover could find it.
Mars has two moons the moon Deimos is getting closer to mars and some say in several years that it will hit mars
If we want to get Mars we have to take baby steps, and not go all out at once slow and steady always wins the race.
If we got to mars and a human stepped on mars we would be able to see a lot more and do a lot more then the rovers.Rovers don't move very fast as humans we can get more do and do more test to see if water is frozen under the surface of mars.
Mars is the one planet like earth in are solar system.Maybe mars had a ecosystem like earth and we came from mars and trip to mars is a trip home .
Brenden Gunnett
5/1/17 Maner
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