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Autobiography, Chapter XVII:

No description

Zoe Mullenix

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Autobiography, Chapter XVII:

How the river cools your blood is something you can’t
explain: you search the bottom stones for words
unscientific, words fleshed with the sound of sense,
maybe a chant laid upon the water the time
words were all and fathers sang their sons ways
to be and the river flowed sure of its pace.
You lie back in the canoe, Your own child points the bow
now into the blue breath of sky: trees course
overhead, and your eyes bend with pillars
or air, the cornering birds; you lie back into
the dream you know you’ll have just once, a token
from a far time, a river you can’t explain.
All words are lost and you want to sing the meaning
and origin of things, to make an appositive
of light, something solid as a stone to hand
this man-child. But all you have to offer is
pause, the silence of water and the small
knowledge that the river takes you over all.
Jim Barnes
- Part Chocktaw

- Storytelling
Passage of Time
- Sound words

1st stanza: sound, chant, sang
3rd stanza: lost, pause, silence

Image Citations
- struggles to teach son lessons he has learned

- tries to use nature in order to communicate these values





"you can't explain" - 1st and 2nd stanza repetition

"words were all" - 1st stanza
"All words are lost" - 3rd stanza
Father's Lessons
" something as solid as a stone"

simile and alliteration
Autobiography, Chapter XVII:
Floating the Big Piney
By Jim Barnes

- fatherhood and tradition throughout
- "fathers sang their sons ways to be" (1st)
- "Your own child" (2nd)
- "this man-child" (3rd)
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