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Apple History

No description

Alex Buffet

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Apple History

The Apple Brand
Macintosh 128k
January 24, 1984
May 31, 1985
Steve Jobs leaves Apple
Steve comes back
April 2, 1997
June 5, 1998
First iMac
First iPod
October 23, 2001
January 9, 2007
First iPhone
January 27, 2010
First iPad
« " Byte into an apple " »
« " Think different " »
" Say hello to ... "
Steve Jobs passed away
June 10, 1977
Release of the Apple II
December 12, 1980
Apple has become public
From blossom to fruit
Los Altos in California
Genesis of a must-have brand
" People talk about technology, but Apple was also a marketing company.
It was the marketing company of the decade " - John Sculley (Apple CEO in 1977)
1998 - now
First logo
1977 - 1998
Apple Inc.
The Logo Evolution
October 5, 2011
April 1, 1976
Apple Computer Inc.

Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
"1984", directed by Ridley Scott
iPod 5 - 2013
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