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New Zealand's Story

No description

Ashley Lang

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of New Zealand's Story

New Zealand's Story By Ashley Lang Lies to the Southeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean

In 1769, Captain Cook claimed it's islands for Britain Missionaries landed there in 1814 to convert the the Maori to Christianity.

Maori- The indigenous people of New Zealand The Maori Struggle
Descended from seafaring people who came from
Polynesia in the 1200's

Maori were concentrated in a smaller area.

They were settled farmers and determined to defend their land White settlers were attracted to New Zealand's mild climate and good soil.

These settlers followed the missionaries

They introduced sheep and cattle and were soon exporting wool, mutton and beef

In 1840, Britain annexed New Zealand The Maori The Maori Struggle The White Settlers Colonists took more and more of the Maori land causing fierce wars between the two peoples.

Many Maori died. Many more perished due to disease, alcoholism, and other misfortunes.

By the 1870's, Maori population dropped from about to 200,000 to less than 45,000 in 1896. The Maori Struggle Cont. Settlers Win Self-Government White New Zealanders sought self-rule

In 1907, they won independence with their own parliment, prime minister, and elected legislature.

They perserved close ties with Britain. Work s Cited http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/etexts/BucArts/BucArts523a.jpg



Prentice Hall World History Book


http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/artwork/27981/london-missionary-society The Maori Today Auckland is the most ethnically diverse region in New Zealand with 56.5 percent identifying as Europeans, 18.9 percent as Asian, 11.1 percent as Māori. The indigenous Māori is the largest minority in New Zealand at 14.6 percent.
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